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Umuahia Postal Code and Other Details about Umuahia (Education and Administrative City)

Umuahia is the capital city of Abia State. Located in the middle of Abia State, and close to other South-East cities like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Owerri, and Aba. It is smaller in size than most of the other major Nigerian South East cities and capital. In this post, we’ll be writing about the details you need to know about Umuahia like Umuahia postal code, the history, hotels in Umuahia, and the other details.

In the recent past, we have done features about some other South East cities, and all you need to know about them, read them here like that of (Nsukka), and you can also read about other popular and prominent South-East Nigerian cities like (Enugu) and (Onitsha) here.

In discussing or writing about this city, we’ll be answering some helpful questions to help you unravel the city before we go on to write about the postal details and other details.

Where is Umuahia?

Umuahia is located in the middle of Abia State. The city can be discovered to be halfway between Enugu and Port Harcourt. It is closer to the cities of Okigwe and Owerri.It sits on the Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway. The Nigerian Railway Eastern line also passed through this city.

What is the History of Umuahia?

Since the history of most Nigerian towns aren’t written, much is not known about Umuahia prior to the advent of British colonization. However, the name Umuahia is a misspelled version of the real name, Ama-ahia. Ama-ahia loosely translates to the market place. Umuahia in the pre-colonial times once a popular center for trade as they had a prospering market.

This trade and market attracted the British who made Umuahia an administrative capital. It was the longest serving capital of Biafra. Popular schools like Government College, Umuahia, are located in the city. With the creation of Abia State, Umuahia was made the capital city of the state. It continues to develop.

How Developed is Umuahia?

Umuahia is mainly still a developing city. It is not quite large compared to the other capital cities in Nigeria. Even though the centre of the city is well-planned, and old houses are arranged well, the city isn’t developing to its full status. There is a considerable good road network, good schools, hospitals, and other basic amenities.

Umuahia is not much of a city status.

Umuahia Postal Code

Umuahia postal code is not a single postal code as there are different Umuahia postal code for different sections of the city. Thus, you would have to know and ask which section your street falls under. You can know your section by determining which of the sections reflected below encompasses your street.

Umuahia postal code and the sections include:

Afara –                        440221

Umuahia Urban I –              440234

Amuzukwu –                   440231

Umuahia Urban III –             440233

Ossah –                        440235

World Bank –                   440236

Ugwunchara –                  440232

Hotels in Umuahia

There are various hotels in Umuahia. They are scattered around the city, and you simply have to make a choice. These hotels in Umuahia are of different ratings and pricing. You go for the ones that suit your budget and taste.

There are over 60 hotels in Umuahia, and the price varies. From lodging 5,000 naira per night to 30,000 naira per night. Some of these hotels include:

Shelton Hotels Limited

Hotel Royale Damgrete

Chasie World Hotels

Choppy Hotel

Smile More Hotel

Villa Roy Hotels

Hotel Helson

Where Else Hotels and Suites

Eastern Comfort Hotels

De Royal Legacy Hotel & Suites

Hotel Macbek Limited

Empire Hotels & Tower

Felina Hotels

Rapha Hotels Limited

Benac Hotels

Rixos Continent Hotel

Emekings Marriot Hotels

Tdtzon Hotel

Ohama Suites Limited

6th April Rendezvous Hotel

You can go to any of these hotels from anywhere in Umuahia. You take Keke or Taxi drop, and tell the driver the hotel you are going to, you would be taken there.


Umuahia is a nice considerable developing city to visit. The city boasts of fun places like Biafran War Memorial Museum, the Colonial History Museum close by, and other details. Umuahia is sure a great place to visit.


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