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Awka Postal Code, Hotels in Awka, and the Other Details about Awka (The Education and Administrative City of Anambra State)

Awka is the capital city of Anambra State. It is located halfway on a drive from Enugu to Onitsha. It lies on the Enugu-Onitsha expressway. The city is still developing as it was just recently made a state capital in 1991. In this post, we’ll be examining details about Awka like Awka postal code, the history, the development, hotels in Awka, and the otyher details.

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Awka, aside from being the current capital of Anambra State, has an awesome history. The history of the town is a pretty long one as there were popular long before colonization. We will go into details:

What is the History of Awka?

Awka’s history cannot be widely traced and it is not written. However, what Awka is known for before British colonization is that they were skilled blacksmiths, warriors, and their oracle was highly potent. They were popular blacksmiths, and travelled far and wide to do metalworks for people, especially the making of guns.

The town had a potent oracle they revered so much, and people came far and wide to pay homage. Even the name of the town, Awka, a misspelling of Oka, is gotten from the name of one of its potent oracles.

With the coming of the British colonization, Awka was made an administrative center due to its location and history. Urbanization began with slow pace until it doubled with Awka turning to Anambra’s capital city in 1991.

Where is Awka Located?

Awka is located at the northern side of Anambra State. It is close to the border Anambra has with Enugu State. On the expressway coming from Enugu, you would see the city of Awka.

How Developed is Awka?

Awka is still a developing city even though it is the capital of Anambra State. Development accelerated in the town since it was made the capital city in 1991. It continues to develop. You would find basic amenities like considerable good roads, hospitals, markets, but the standard of living isn’t awesome as the power supply is average, there are no big shopping malls, and no much exotic feeling in the town.

Awka Postal Code

Awka postal code is not a single postal code as there are different postal codes for different sections of the city. Whenever you need Awka postal code, you have to ask and verify which section of the city your street fall under. You know section by knowing which of the listed locations is close to your street.

The different sections of the city and their Awka postal code include:

High Court –          420211

Cemetery Area –       420251

Industrial Layout –     420241

Izuocha Layout –      420212

Asu Tech Area –      420281

Obunagu Village –    420261

Awka Zip Code

Awka zip code is same as Awka postal code represented below. They are one and the same thing, and are used for the same purpose of sending messages, letters and goods through the post office. Whenever you are required to fill in your Awka zip code, study the postal code of the different sections of Awka, know where your street fall under and use it to fill in.

Remember, it is important you don’t fill the wrong Awka zip code to avoid getting your messages, goods and information sent to the wrong location.

Hotels in Awka

A good number of hotels in Awka are rated high. Awka is a fast developing capital city, and so, it is expected that the hotels in the city would be quite good. There are five star hotels in Awka. There are also ones that aren’t rated high, and are well affordable.

There are over 60 hotels in Awka, and so, you have a variety of the good, better, and average hotels to choose from. In Awka, you can get a wide range of lodging price per night for hotels beginning from 5,000 to 40,000 naira per night.

Some of these hotels include:

De Santos Hotel

Trig-point Hotel

Cosmila Suite and Hotels

Finotel Classique Hotel

Pearl Suites

Palos Verdes Hotels

Annabel Hotel and Suite

De Benjamin Hotel

Bon Hotel

Don – Ritz Hotels

La Cruz Suites

Seagate Hotel and Suites Limited

Marble Arch Hotels

New Orleans Royale

Crescent Spring Hotel

Quitana Hotel and Suites

Adig Suites Awka

Queen’s Suites Limited

Stargate Hotel Limited

Up Country Inn and Suites

We are also going to be discussing two of these hotels more, Don Santos Hotel Awka and Bon Hotels Awka.

Bon Hotels Awka

The full name of this hotel is Bon Hotel Smith City Awka. It is located close to the center of Awka city. The hotel offers 59 exotic rooms to its clients. The rooms are of different levels, and with great services. The bigger the room, the bigger the services, and the bigger the combination of rooms, the more expensive.

Bon Hotel Awka has great facilities like gym, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor bar, restaurant, conference rooms, and others. You should also know that aside from lodging, you can go here to take a drink, work out, hold events and conferences, and do other things.

It is affordable, security is assured, and power supply is steady.

You can visit their site (Bon Hotels Awka).

Don Santos Hotel Awka

Don Santos Hotel Awka is a popular hotel in Awka located at the center and pulsing heart of Awka. It is close to main popular sites in Awka like the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, the Catholic Cathedral, Unizik Junction, Aroma Junction and other locations in Awka.

Don Santos Hotel Awka has 39 well-furnished rooms. The hotel has restaurant, bar, laundry room, shuttle drop, and other add-ons. They offer breakfast, and free WiFi. They also offer restaurant buffet services at a considerable amount of money. The rooms are air-conditioned, there is a large toilet and bathroom with bathtub.

Don Santos Hotel Awka is a good place to visit, even for Sunday outing activities, to have one or two drinks in their bar.

It is affordable, security is assured, and power supply is steady.


Awka is a fast developing city you won’t regret visiting. Aside from being the state capital, the city is a relaxation and recreational center for Anambra State residents and beyond. It is a good place to visit.


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