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Asaba Postal Code, Hotels in Asaba, and Other Details of Asaba (Relaxation, Entertainment, and Administrative Delta City)

Asaba is the capital of Delta State. It sits on the west bank of the River Niger. It is the city neighbor of Onitsha. Since its status was elevated from a River Niger bank town to a capital city, Asaba has grown tremendously in urbanization, expanding and widening, attracting a rich population. It is set to overtake Onitsha with its city-status. In this post, we’ll be examining details of Asaba like Asaba postal code, hotels in Asaba, and other details of this fast and fine developing city.

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We’ll start this feature by looking at the history of Asaba before heading to other details. Asaba has a fine history that is tied heavily to the colonial development of Nigeria. One of Asaba’s important advantage is its location, and this location has contributed a lot in its development.

What is the History of Asaba?

Asaba original name is “Ahaba.” Prior to British colonization, Asaba was the center of trade and commerce on the River Niger. Just like her Onitsha neighbor, Asaba benefited a lot from its location and closeness to the river. This is why the British and other foreign individuals stopped and settled in Asaba, making it a commercial and administrative center.

Due to the idea that majority of the commerce at that time was going on in Onitsha, Asaba’s development was slower when compared with Onitsha. However, being declared as Delta State’s capital city in the late 20th century, Asaba’s development fastened. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Nigeria.

Aside from being the capital city and an administrative city, Asaba has managed to establish itself as a relaxation and entertainment city attracting film producers, entertainers, and joy seekers.

Where is Asaba Located?

Asaba is located in Delta State, Nigeria. It is on the west bank of River Niger, close to Onitsha. You can get to Asaba by air (through Asaba Airport), by road, and by water (through River Niger).

How Developed is Asaba?

Asaba is a fast developing city. It is getting well developed as well. You will find basic amenities in the city like considerable good roads, network, drainage, considerable power supply, and others. Asaba offers an above average standard of living in Nigeria.

Asaba Postal Code

Asaba postal code is not a single postal code as there are different postal codes for different sections of the city. Whenever you need Asaba postal code, you have to ask and verify which section of the city your street fall under. You know section by knowing which of the listed locations is close to your street.

The different sections of the city and their Asaba postal code include:

Umuonaje –                320231

Cable Point –               320213

Isieke –                    320232

Umuagu –                  320233

Umueze –                  320211

Okpanam Asaba –           320242

Central Core Area –          320241

Ezenei –                   320212

Overhead Bridge Layout –     320221

Asaba Zip Code

Asaba zip code is same as Asaba postal code represented below. They are one and the same thing, and are used for the same purpose of sending messages, letters and goods through the post office. Whenever you are required to fill in your Asaba zip code, study the postal code of the different sections of Asaba, know where your street fall under and use it to fill in.

Remember, it is important you don’t fill the wrong Asaba zip code to avoid getting your messages, goods and information sent to the wrong location.

Hotels in Asaba

A good number of hotels in Asaba are five star. Asaba is a fast developing capital city, and so, it is expected that the hotels in the city would be excellent. For sure, there are five star hotels in Asaba. There are also ones that aren’t rated high, and are well affordable.

There are over 70 hotels in Asaba, and so, you have a variety of the good, better, and average hotels to choose from. In Asaba, you can get a wide range of lodging price per night for hotels beginning from 7,000 to 50,000 naira per night.

Some of these hotels include:

Best Western Plus Elomaz Hotel

The Rodina Hotel

GQ Suites Asaba

Seth Hotel

Asabana Suites

Ne-yo Hotel and Suites

Sweet Spirit Hotel and Resorts

MG Way Hotel

Grand Hotel Convention Center

Doko International Hotel

Orchid Hotels

Hotel Beniza

Prescott Hotel

La Diva Hotels

Machi Suites

Hotel Valerie

Jonec Apartment

Beck Hotel and Suites Limited

Cyson Hotel

SouthGate Hotel Asaba

There are many other hotels in Asaba. If you want to go to any of the hotels listed above, you take a car taxi drop or Keke from anywhere in Asaba, and tell them where you are going to.

Genesis Cinema Asaba

We have already declared that Asaba is considered an entertainment and leisure city. You have to know that aside from hotels in Asaba, Genesis Cinema Asaba is also a good point for entertainment and leisure. It is a place you can go see the latest movies any time you visit the city.

Genesis Cinema Asaba is part of the brand of Genesis Cinema scattered all over the country in cities like Lagos and Abuja. The Director of the Genesis Group is Dr Nnaeto Orazulike. Recently, the group looked towards expansion, and Genesis Cinema Asaba was established.

Genesis Cinema Asaba is situated in Asaba Mall. The address is Okpanam Road, Central Area 320242, Asaba. You can take a taxi to the location from anywhere in the city.

Asaba Airport

Asaba Airport is located at the outskirt of Asaba along the Asaba – Benin expressway. It was built and commissioned in 2010. Since then it has been running operations, though relatively few when compared to other airports. Asaba Airport serves Delta State, and some parts of Edo State and the South-East.

Asaba Airport is run by a private company, and supervised by the NCAA. You cab get to the Asaba Airport by taking taxi or Keke drop from anywhere in Asaba.

Elomaz Hotel Asaba

Elomaz Hotel Asaba is a grand and beautiful hotel located in one of the center areas of Asaba. Elomaz Hotel Asaba has 86 well furnished rooms. The hotel is technologically smart, and as there are secured doors, elevators, and other exotic amenities.

There are different levels of rooms for different prices. There are ones where the rooms are connected for people who came together for a business trip. There is a well built lounge, a bar, a restaurant, laundry, and other services. There is also a Conference room and space for hosting of conferences, meetings, and events.

You can check out other details about the hotel and make your reservation by visiting their website (Elomaz Hotel Asaba).


Asaba is a great developing city to visit. It is a relaxation and leisure city. You would surely enjoy the place if you visit. Make a trip, and if you are going for a trip already, it is an enjoyable place.

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