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Make Money while You Sleep (Assured Investments to Double your Income: READ HERE!)


Warren Buffet, one of the world’s greatest and richest investors, is one of those who bring up the assertion of “make money while you sleep.” Of course, making money while you sleep is not a fable or a moonlight story, it is reality. You just have to find a way to make money while you sleep without losing your money.

People have lost countless amounts of money to bad investments and scams promising them higher income and profit using this slogan but as a verified and certified platform, we’ll be showcasing how you can make money while you sleep without losing a dime.

With what we are to present here, you don’t have to be directly involved, and you would still be making a considerable amount of money. You are assured of doubling or nearly doubling your income (the original amount you make) without LOSING a dime.

Do you have a job you go to every day? Are you employed? Do you have a business you are handling? Do you need additional income without getting involved in a business or getting another job? Is your income too small to cater for your needs? Do you need to diversify the way you get income? Do you want to grow your income?

Then READ what we have for you below:

The Ways to Make Money while you Sleep

Investing in a Website or App

 Owning a site or app by simply investing and not doing all the work is a good way of earning residual income. Here, you pay someone to develop a website or an app, manage it for you, write content for you, and market it for you without getting involved.

Here, you are assured of not losing your money as there is evidence of a website or an app. In a year or two, you begin to make quick bucks to add to your income. For Nigerians and Africans, you earn in dollars–a nice way to beat inflation and make good residual income.

Investing in a Farm

 Everyone eats food in the world, and no matter what, everything edible you plant on your farm would be sold. You can make residual income by investing in a farm. This is where you bring funds, and supervise (if you have the time), while a person makes the action of clearing, cultivating, weeding, manuring, and managing the farm.

This farm can be that of profitable crops like maize, okra (Bambara nuts), tomato, pepper, ugu, cassava, and so many more. It can also be the animal farms of pigs, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, and snails. Most of these crops are free from hazards and are very profitable, and there is always a market for them.

The wonderful thing is that in 6 months to a year, you have your money and the profit made.

Invest in Food Processing

This is another good way to earn residual income as you invest in food processing. As it has been stated before, people must eat, so once you process edible food, you would surely make good money. You can invest with someone who processes food and markets them like palm oil, garri, okra (Baokraa nuts), vegetable oil, plantain chips, and many more.

This one in 6 months to a year, you should be earning a good amount of money.

Invest in Housing, Estates, Hotels, and Recreational Centers

All over the world, one of the fastest ways to make money is through investing in housing, estates, hotels, and recreational centers. It is a long-term investment that would yield income and profits for a long time.

You can invest in this by contributing to a pool of funds that can be used to build a large profitable house, a house in an estate, a hotel, or a recreational center. You just have to be clear the business you’re investing in is genuine, financially accountable, and transparent. You reap the benefits and residual income once it is completed and functioning.

Invest in Transportation and Haulage

 You don’t have to look for someone to ride your vehicle or entrust one to anyone because the risk in this business is HUGE. You can find a business that can help you run it. You contribute to a pool of funds or procure your vehicle and hand it over to them for management.

It is safer handing them your trust and vehicles than handling them yourself to avoid disappointments and loss.

The business handling it has to be trustworthy, should be able to deliver, and, be risk-free.

Which Business can you Trust to help You carry out these Investments?

You can trust EVURA with any investment you want to make that falls under these assured investments listed above.

At EVURA, there’s 100%





Financial Accountability,




Hard Work.

You can choose to invest in housing or estate or hotel, invest in websites or apps, invest in farms, invest in transportation and haulage, or finally, invest in food processing. There is a 100% guarantee your money is saved, and you can sleep while you make money.

How does it work?

There is no stated profit and money you can earn, this is to ensure your investment is safe and you aren’t scammed. The profit and money you earn depend on the profit declared on any investment choice you make in 1 year or more.

The more profitable the investment choice you make, the more money.

Thus, housing and hotels might be more profitable than websites or apps. Transportation and haulage might be more profitable than housing.

After a year or 2 years or 3 years, depending on how long your investment lasts, with constantly updating you on the progress of the investment, and you coming to verify it from time to time, the profit is declared and shared. EVURA gets to keep 35% of the profit made while you get to keep 65% of the profit.

What is this Profit?

The Profit is the excess amount and gain made from the investment when you remove the capital and all the expenses like labor payment, tax, logistics, and others.


You can make money while you sleep and not lose money, it all depends on doing it the right way and doing it with the right business. With EVURA, you’re assured of your investment and you have to know it would turn out right. You can earn while you sleep, make residual income, and become better stabilized via income by clicking on Send a Message here.

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