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ASSURED Way of Making Money on YouTube (How Many Views to Make Money on YouTube?)

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and the renewed popularity of the internet, there has been an increased number of people who have suddenly realized the profitability of posting videos on YouTube and would love to get into it. The questions that are always on their mind is how to make money on YouTube or how many views to make money on YouTube or how many YouTube subscribers to make money? In this post, we’ll be answering all these questions and guiding you on how to make money on YouTube.

Before getting into shooting videos, posting them on YouTube, and looking forward to raking in money for yourself, you should know the right steps to start, and what to do to make money on YouTube. First things first, you should note that posting videos on YouTube or doing business there is just like every other business. You must invest money to make money.

Anyone telling you that you don’t have to spend a dime to earn on YouTube is actually lying to you. You must spend, even though it is not much. Before we go deep into how you can make money on YouTube–the processes and all, we’ll be answering questions to guide you on understanding the concept better.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform that was established in February, 2005, by three former PayPal workers–Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It is often noted that these founders discovered and made the idea of the platform popular because of the controversy surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s dress to an event.

From the onset, this video sharing platform was a hit. It made Google to see the nice prospects it had, they quickly bought over the platform and company in November, 2006.

On the platform, you can upload your recorded and edited videos for the general public to watch. The wonderful thing about here is that you can easily monetize your videos. Thus, the more watch hours you get on your videos, the more money you make.

How to Open a YouTube Account? 

You can open a YouTube account by simply logging onto the platform (YouTube). You create a new account, and in no time you are making money from the account so far you do the work that is requested of you. One of the fastest way to open a YouTube account is going through your (Gmail) account. On Gmail, you see a box-like feature at the top right side, you click on it and select YouTube.

How Long does it take for YouTube Account to be Verified for Monetization? What does it take for YouTube Monetization?

YouTube doesn’t just monetize everybody, there are some criteria for YouTube monetization. One, your channel or account has to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before YouTube can monetize the channel. Thus, it requests a lot from you. Once, you have achieved this, you won’t have issues with monetization.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

Once you are monetized, you can make money on YouTube when your viewers and subscribers click on the ads running on your channel. The more the click, the more the money. However, you are STRICTLY advised and warned to not click on your own ads. You should also note that depending on the number of views you have, sometimes YouTube pays content creators on the number of views they have.

How Many Views to Make Money on YouTube?

We’ve stated that the more the views and clicks, the more the money. Now, let us do a mathematical break down on how you can become rich by posting videos on YouTube.

An average of 1000 views gives you $2 to $5, depending on your niche.

Now, imagine having 5000 views a day, that is roughly $10 – $25 a day.

Then, if it 10,000 views that is $20 to $50 a day. It could be more.

For content creators in Nigeria, making $10 – $100 a day is a great deal. If you multiply this times the number of days in a month, it is sure a good source of income.

You should NOTE that the more the views and clicks, the more the money. Furthermore, some niche or specialization on YouTube are more profitable than others. For instance if you choose to talk about Technology, money-making, pet food, cooking and the kitchen, relationship, business funding, finance are very much profitable than comedy, music, films, politics, entertainment, environment, parenting and many more.

How Many YouTube Subscribers to Make money?

Just as seen in views and clicks, the more your YouTube subscribers, the more money you make. These subscribers would always see your video any time they log in on YouTube. You should have, at least, 1000 subscribers before you can be monetized on YouTube. However, if you have a million subscribers, you would surely be earning way way better than someone who has just 100,000 subscribers. So, you must ensure your subscribers are always increasing.

Steps to Open a YouTube Account and Make Money

First Step: You study other content creators on YouTube, make a research on the niche that has low competition, and you also make a research on the niche you have passion for. You study the niche that interests people before getting into it.

Second Step: You purchase equipments and get a nice place you would be shooting your videos. If you’re low on a budget, you can get a good iPhone, a tripod stand, lighting, a well-decorated and well-furnished space, a laptop for editing the videos. Then you are set.

Third Step: You open and set up a well-optimized YouTube account.

Fourth Step: You begin shooting, editing and uploading videos. While shooting, editing and uploading videos, you’ve to ensure there is no bad grammar, you stick to the point, your videos are long but not too long to bore the readers, and the videos are well-edited.

Fifth Step: Right after you begin posting your videos, start marketing your contents. Post the links to your videos and YouTube channels on social media, forums and other relevant places. You can even run ads to get viewers and subscribers. Ensure you ask your viewers to subscribe.

Things you should know before Starting a YouTube Channel

  • Choose a profitable and less competitive niche. Make your research on this as this is very important.
  • Stick to creating video content around that niche. You should never stray away so as not to confuse and lose your subscribers. Instead if you feel like adding another niche, open a separate channel for it.
  • Have money and a budget for starting and promoting the channel. You should have money to buy what you need and to pay for the promotion of your channel. In fact, promoting your channel is very important as it should take 70% or more of your budget. At that early stage, your YouTube channel should be promoted.
  • You should have ample time to be shooting, editing and promoting your videos, it is very important.
  • YouTubing is not a quick money venture. You have to be patient and consistent for your channel to give you what you seek. At the early time, you would suffer setbacks, but invest more and be consistent, it would surely change. It takes months to a few years for a channel to become profitable.

What are the Alternative Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you’re deeply concerned about how to make money on YouTube or how many views to make money on YouTube or how many YouTube subscribers to make money, then this is for you. There are alternative ways to make money on YouTube which isn’t about relying on YouTube ads.

These alternative ways, once you have enough views and subscribers, you can make money. What are these alternative ways?

Paid Sponsorship: Advertisers can pay you direct to tell your followers about their products or put up a banner for them. It is an easy and good way to make money for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping: You can market the products of other people, or sell the products of other people for a cut.

Selling your own Items: You can also start selling your own items to your viewers and subscribers to earn money. This is the most profitable as you take all the profits on any item sold.


After reading this post, you don’t have to worry about how to make money on YouTube or how many views to make money on YouTube or how many YouTube subscribers to make money. This post has clearly explained how to do so and what you must know to be a successful YouTuber. Posting videos on YouTube is a great and profitable thing to do if you do it right.  

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