How Much Money do Uber Drivers Make? (Why you should consider Uber Driving)

Working as a self-employed driver on the Uber platform is a sure way of making quick and reliable bucks. The enjoyable part of it is that you are self-employed as you aren’t directly answerable to anyone. You register on the platform and earn whenever you are scheduled for a drive, and you are paid per hour or distance. The important question, therefore, is how much money do uber drivers make?

The income of Uber drivers is according to the countries as different countries have their different income level. However, no matter the country, you are assured of a slightly above average income level of that country. Of course, you can be doing something else while riding for Uber. Therefore, Uber is a sure way to have extra income for yourself.

Before we go all out in exposing how much you can earn as an Uber driver, we’ll be treating related questions pertaining to driving at Uber.

What is Uber?

Uber is an online cab-hailing platform where you can register to be a driver. The platform is open to any driver. The requirements is that you must know how to drive, you must know the routes you want to register for, and you must have a car that is in good condition. This platform was established in 2009, formerly know as Ubercab, it was established by Garrett Camp, a Software Engineer.

The cab-hailing platform was established out of the needs to solve high-rate transportation, and to make it affordable for an average cab user. Today, it is a very popular platform, has many drivers registered under it, works in over 50 countries, and the company makes huge sum of money in revenue.

What you should have before you become an Uber Driver?

You should have all these things and factors listed below before you become an Uber driver:

  • A car that’s in good condition.
  • Knowledge of the routes to follow in the area you are applying for.
  • Knowing how to drive very well.
  • Having good customer relationship and management skill. You should also have good social etiquette.
  • Knowledge of the widely spoken language of the area you are applying to drive in.

How can you Register to become an Uber Driver?

You can register to become an Uber driver on the platform (UBER). This platform is so good that once you click on the link presented above, it automatically moves you to the platform of your country or region so you can register. When registering, be sincere and provide well-optimized good details about yourself.

Presentation of good and well-optimized details would attract more clients to you. Then the way you treat, ride and deliver the client would determine if your level would increase. Treat clients better and they would leave good review for you. After providing all your details and confirmation, you would automatically qualify to be called for rides.

How Profitable is Uber Driving?

It is very profitable if you stick to delivering the best rides and treating clients right. You’ll always be recommended for more rides. No matter what, Uber driving and riding is profitable.  

How Much Money do Uber Drivers Make?

As we have stated, the income the drivers make is according to the different countries. The drivers in developed economies and countries earn far better than the developing ones. However, it does not mean that the drivers in the different countries don’t earn well, of course, they do.

In the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Britain, Ireland, France, and a whole lot of other highly-developed countries, an Uber driver can earn from equivalent of $10 to $25 per hour depending on the distance covered. It is more profitable in the United States of America than in most other countries because of the standard of living there.

For the better developing countries and economies like United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, South Korea, South Africa, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, India, Cyprus, and others, and cities like Dubai, the driver can earn equivalent of $8 to $20 depending on the income level of the country and the distance covered.

The developing countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, and a whole lot of others, Uber drivers can earn equivalent of $5 to $18 per hour depending on the country and the distance covered.

In Nigeria particularly, a driver can earn an average of 2000 naira to 4000 naira per hour depending on distance covered and location. Thus, you can make around 15,000 naira daily, 80,000 naira or more weekly, and 380,000 naira monthly driving Uber in Nigeria.


How much money do Uber drivers make is a slightly huge something if the drivers do it right. You can make a good amount of money riding Uber. It is even a plus that it is something you can do at your own convenience, and you can combine it with your job or any other business you are doing.

However, we greatly advise that to avoid heartache and loss, you should drive your car yourself for the Uber. We STRONGLY advise against handing your vehicle to another person to drive for you to avoid loss, heartache and destruction of your vehicle. In a few exceptional cases where the driver is someone you fully trust and is reliable, you can give it to him or her after you all have agreed on the percentage to be sharing.  

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