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Enugu Postal Code and Other Details about Enugu (Coal City: Home of Civility, Education, and Business)

Enugu is a name widely known throughout Nigeria as the former capital of the Eastern Region, and the name of a state and city. It is a peaceful state, and city as well. In this present era, it has come to be regarded as the home of civility, peace, health, education and business. In this post, we’ll be examining details about Enugu like Enugu postal code, Enugu zip code, Enugu airport, hotels in Enugu, Enugu Rangers, and other fine details about Enugu.

In the past, we have done a feature about Enugu and all you need to know about the city, read it here (Enugu), and you can also read about other popular and prominent South-East Nigerian cities like (Nsukka) and (Onitsha) here. In this post, we’ll be revealing more details about Enugu.

First and foremost, we reiterate that Enugu is a peaceful city and state. In terms of quality education, healthcare, standard of living, government provision of welfare for the citizens, Enugu is ranked best in Nigeria. The ease of doing business in the state and city is great.

Now, let us explore more details about this great South-East Nigerian city.

Enugu Postal Code

The Enugu postal code we’ll be exploring here is the postal code of Enugu city. By This we mean Enugu postal code covering Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State, and the former capital of Eastern Nigeria. You should note that these postal codes are the codes recognized by NIPOST and other relevant posting bodies for posting of mail, letters, goods and other things.

There are different codes for different parts of the city. When a part of Enugu city is listed here, it means it covers the entire area close to it. In fact, it covers the streets close to the place. Let’s take the Army Barracks, for instance, it covers all the areas close to the Army Barracks, Enugu.

Before giving your postal code out, ensure your street falls within that code. Same thing applies for Enugu zip code. The Enugu postal codes for the different part of this amazing city are listed below:

China Town:                400211

Army Barracks:             400212

Amaoji Agu Nike:           400213

Ugbo Odogwu:             400282

Trans Ekulu Postal Code Enugu: 400281

Independence Layout:        400262

Colliery Senior Staff Quarters:  400262

Azikiwe Stadium:            400261

Idaw River Layout:           400252

Ogbete Layout:              400251

Uwam:                    400242

UNEC:                    400241

Republic Layout:            400223

Gabon Village:              400222

New Haven:                400221

Enugu Zip Code

Enugu zip code is the same as Enugu postal code. These are the codes you give out to people to send your mails, letters, goods and other things. Enugu city has different Enugu zip codes. You just have to note that they are correct, and whether your street falls within a part of the city. For the Enugu zip code read the postal codes posted above, they are the zip codes.

Trans Ekulu Postal Code Enugu – 400281

Hotels in Enugu and Hotel in Enugu

You are visiting Enugu or you need a hotel in Enugu? Enugu has a long list of good hotels. It all depends on you choosing the one that suits your interest. These hotels are scattered all over the city, from Independence Layout to New Layout to New Haven to Trans Ekulu to Agbani Road, these hotels are of different types.

You should note that hotels in Enugu and any hotel in Enugu are mostly of good standard and quality. Enugu is a city of civility, aesthetics, tourism and charm, so expect perfection. Most of them offer good services. They are equally affordable.

What are the Hotels in Enugu and Hotel in Enugu?

  • Nike Lake and Resorts, Abakpa-Nike
  • Universal Hotel, Independence Layout
  • Maxbe Continental Hotel
  • Residency Hotels, Independence Layout
  • Oakland Hotel
  • Hotel Sunshine
  • Golden Royale, Independence Layout
  • The Reserve Hotels
  • Comni Hotel, Independence Layout
  • Psalms HoteL
  • Brown & Brown Center
  • MTA Lounge and Leisures
  • Muse Boutique Hotel
  • Best Western Plus
  • Ekulu Apartments
  • Amazon Hotels
  • Dmatel Hotel and Resort
  • DeCastle Resort
  • Fontana Hotel
  • Silicon Valley Resort, Independence Layout
  • Olive Gate Hotel
  • Roban Hotels, Independence Layourt
  • Nondon International Hotel
  • Goldvalue Hotel
  • Top Rank Hotels
  • Richmond Hill Suites
  • Residency Hotel, Independence Layout
  • Easton Hill Continental Hotel
  • De Angelo Hotels and Resort

There are many more hotels in Enugu city. You just have to make your choice as there are over 120 hotels in Enugu. The price of night and day lodging varies vie the hotels; it depends on the location of the hotel, the nature of the building, the decoration and equipments used, and the services offered. The price of lodging in a hotel in Enugu ranges from 4,000 naira to 50,000 naira.

The hotels are still not enough as they are fully booked at almost all times. Enugu city is a place of tourism, relaxation and leisure. If you have the money to invest in a hotel in Enugu, you can still invest.

Enugu Airport

Enugu airport or the airport serving Enugu city and state is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport located in Emene, Enugu. It is an international airport run by the Federal Government. Enugu airport is at the outskirts of the main city; it is 30 to 45 minutes drive from anywhere in Enugu city.

However, from Nsukka to Enugu airport is around 2 hours drive. It is best to leave anywhere you are in Enugu State, 6 hours before your flight time so you don’t miss your flight. It is best you lodge in a hotel closer to the airport a day before the flight time.

An average of 1 to 3 flights happen in Enugu airport daily. It is not much of a busy airport.

The popular routes you can go from Enugu airport are Enugu to Lagos, Enugu to Abuja, Enugu to Kano, Enugu to London, Enugu to Addis Ababa, Enugu to Tokyo, Enugu to Jakarta, Enugu to Bangkok, Enugu to Manchester, Enugu to New York, Enugu to Atlanta, and a whole lot of others.

Enugu Rangers

Enugu Rangers, officially known as Rangers International Football Club, is the Nigerian football club resident in Enugu city. Enugu Rangers play in the top flight of the Nigeria football league, and have been playing there since its establishment in 1970.

Thus, Enugu Rangers was founded in 1970. It is one of the three oldest football clubs in the country. The football club was the rave in the 70s and 80s as the club produced competitive players who played internationally and for Nigeria, like Christian Chukwu. They won a good number of cups at that period like several league cups, one African continental cup, and then the Nigerian cup.

The home stadium of Enugu Rangers is the 22,000 capacity Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium along the popular Ogui Road, Enugu.

From 1986 or thereabouts to 2000, Enugu Rangers lost its spell, and was no longer the rave of the moment like it used to be. It was at the return of democracy in 1999 that the club picked up a bit. They participated in African continental cup in 2004 before going for another long spell.

It was in 2016 that they won the Nigerian Football League again since the 1980s. They also went on to win the Nigerian FA cup in 2017. Since then, they are yet to win any major trophy.

Even though, Enugu Rangers don’t win trophies, they are also not relegated. Since their establishment, they have never been relegated from the first table of Nigerian Football League. They are highly professional and dedicated in football play and display. At the moment, their matches aren’t watched as it was in the past. Foreign football clubs have taken over the interest of Nigerians who formerly watched them. A few supporters still watch them, though.

In terms of the net worth and profitability of Enugu Rangers, the club is worth around $130,000 (75 million naira). The club is owned and run by the Enugu State Government. It is not profitable as there are not much supporters, matches are not watched online or on TV or in the stadium, and their home stadium is not that utilized.

Enugu Rangers players are not paid well as their counterparts in Europe and other parts of the world. The last known average salary of the players of the club is around 80,000 naira. Furthermore, you can encourage the team by buying their tickets (which is not more than 500 naira) to watch their matches. They play well.

Enugu State University of Technology

Enugu State University of Technology is the first state university of Enugu State. It was formerly known as Anambra State University of Technology with multiple campuses, and the main campus in Enugu, established in the early 1980s. Today, it is solely owned by Enugu State and the main campus has been moved to Agbani.

Enugu State University of Technology offers mostly science-related courses and a few art-related courses. Some of the courses they offer are in these faculties: Engineering, Medicine, Health Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Administration, Sciences and some others. Most of the courses, faculties and departments have been moved to Agbani campus.

Enugu State University of Technology’s teaching hospital is in GRA, Enugu, the former Parklane Hospital. It is well-equipped, and have been consistently maintained by successive Enugu State Governments. This school is a good place to study Medicine and Surgery, and other health-related courses.

The school fees of Enugu State University of Technology is somewhat affordable. The highest amount is paid in the first year, and the fees reduce as the student advances. The average fees paid by a student is 150,000 naira annually. This is different from the accommodation you have to secure yourself, and the transportation cost and fare to the school.

At the moment, the school is one of the few tertiary schools in Nigeria to run uninterrupted academic calendar as they rarely go on strike.

Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu

Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu one of the foremost tertiary schools in Enugu city and state. It was established in the 1980s as well, and is situated at the heart of Enugu city. It is an affordable polytechnic. The school offers a wide range of courses, mostly Science and Management courses.

Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, is located at around New Layout area of the city. The school’s former campus was at GRA, opposite Polo (the now Shoprite Mall), but it has been moved. Enugu State College of Technical Education is the new school occupying Institute of Management and Technology’s former campus.

Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, offer National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates. The ND is for 2 years, and the HND is for a separate two years where you buy form to write the exam and enter. The school offers courses in Engineering mostly, Management (including Mass Communication), and some other science-related courses.

Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, is one of the best polytechnics in the country. At the moment, they run an uninterrupted academic calendar. The student and lecturers’ population is huge. In IMT, a class might be more than 300 people. They have a unique way of writing exam and doing academics that makes the products of the school smarter than most polytechnics around the country.

The school fees of the school is somewhat affordable. The average school fees paid by the student is 80,000 naira annually. This is different from the accommodation you have to secure yourself, and the transportation fares you have to pay. However, you should note that transportation fare is affordable in Enugu city and within the school environs.

How Much is Transport and Housing in Enugu?

Transportation in Enugu is affordable when compared to other Nigerian cities. You can move around the city in taxis, tricycles, or buses if you don’t have your own ride. Motorcycles aren’t allowed in the city. You can purchase your bicycle and ride for short distances.

For short distances, you use tricycles, while for longer distance you use buses. Buses are cheaper. On an average travel distance of 15 kilometers in Enugu, you pay 100 naira as transportation fare.

For housing, renting apartments used to be cheap in Enugu until recently. The cost of the house for rent depends on the location of the house in the city. The richer and better organized neighborhoods are costlier and are easily rent out than the poorer neighborhoods.

Places in Enugu like Independence Layout, New Layout, Trans Ekulu, GRA, and New Haven are costlier. You can get a self-contained room for 150,000 naira to 300,000 naira in these places. You can get self-contained room and parlor for 250,000 naira to 400,000 naira. For a complete flat, you can get it for 450,000 naira to 800,000 naira. You should be able to get a single room with shared toilet, bathroom, and kitchen for 80,000 naira – 120,000 naira.

Places in Enugu like Abakpa, Obiagu, Agbani Road, Ugbo-odogwu, Ugwuaji, Coal Camp, Ogui, Enugu Ngwo, Ninth Mile, and some other less expensive places in Enugu, you can get houses cheaper. You can get a single room with shared toilet, bathroom, and kitchen, for 40,000 naira in these places. A self-contained room for 100,000 naira. A self-contained room and parlor for 150,000 to 200,000 naira. A complete flat for 250,000 naira to 400,000 naira.


Enugu has everything you need and want. The city has a good road network, good power supply, low crime rate, good night and social life, nice scenery, greenness, and a peaceful population. Enugu is not your regular hustle and bustle Nigerian city, and so, you are to expect civility from the population. Enugu values peace, education, moral, hard work, and nice life. As someone said, you need a comfortable, easy life, then think Enugu!

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