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How to Move to Canada, Find Job, Make Money and Live Comfortably

Move to Canada

People in less privileged or third world countries tend to always ask the question how do I move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money? This question is often in the mind of these people because they believe their countries offer them little compared to what they’re to make in Canada. There are better opportunities, jobs and businesses in Canada, and the country is still very much open to migration.

Do you feel your country doesn’t meet your expectations of income and standard of living? Then, you should think of migrating to Canada to get better jobs, income and opportunities. Mostly, people move to get better standard of living as third world countries are always riddled with so much problems and lack of basic amenities and infrastructure.

In this post, we’ll be presenting the process and procedure of how you can move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money there. We’ll also be presenting how you study in Canada, the best places to study and how to get jobs immediately you get to Canada. Before we move on, we’d be attempting questions related to this topic that may likely come up in your mind.

These questions would be of help in answering how do I move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money?  

Where is Canada? What do I need to know about Canada?

Canada is a developed country in the continent of North America. It is in a temperate and cold region with very cold temperature at most points of the year. It is north of the United States of America.

Most parts of the country are English speakers; however, there are also some parts that are French speakers. It is a developed country that has continued to expand and attract people who seek better life. It is mostly known as a country that provides comfort, good standard of living and the second best economically performing country in the entire America.

This country offer more and better opportunities than most developed and all developing countries. The laws of the country is flexible. There is high level of respect of human-rights and no racial discrimination. The economy is also progressing. There are multiple jobs and businesses you can do as a foreigner or new migrant in Canada.

How do I move to Canada?

You can move to Canada through different ways. However, the commonest and the most successful way is through studies or applying for degree programs. You apply for undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs and when admitted, you head to the Canadian embassy in your country to apply. You can also apply to study in Canadian schools through scholarships.

Another way of moving to Canada is through occasional lottery and advertisement for entry programs that they do. This is for skilled people like welders, electricians, site engineers and so on. You apply when you see such ads or lottery and look forward to getting accepted to the country.

The other way is by getting recommendation or invitation to come. This one has the least possibility of happening. For this one, you simply move when you are invited or recommended to come to Canada. For this to happen, you should have a company inviting you or a top personality in the country. Moving to Canada in this way to stay long can only be guaranteed if you’re invited in an official capacity with skills and relevant work experience. If you’re invited as a friend or family, you won’t be permitted to stay long.

There is also the way of application of asylum. This one is rare and Canada hardly approve visa for those seeking asylum, except for very severe cases.

How can I move to Canada to Study? Is Canada a good place to study? 

Canada is one of the best places to study. The country has good educational system, and their universities are recognized and ranked well in the world. If you come from a developing country like Philippine, Nigeria, India, Kenya, and many others, it is advisable you secure a scholarship first as Canada’s universities are expensive.

Then, you can move to study in Canada by first of all applying to study in good Canadian universities. Remember, while applying, apply to popularly accepted schools in Canada. You should also apply for courses that you can easily use their certificates to secure employment and the ones you can use to get scholarship funding.

Once, you get a fully-funded scholarship, a good course to study and a good university to study in, getting visa and surviving in Canada shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What courses or fields survive better and get better jobs in Canada?

The courses and fields you should consider studying are the ones that have better opportunities and have good job prospects. These fields and courses are the ones you can get well-paid jobs in after finishing the programs in Canada or in most developed countries; they are in high-demand. They include:

  • Nursing
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry
  • Social Care/Work
  • Software Engineering
  • Civil/Building and Construction Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Medicine/Surgery

Once you study either of these courses, you’re sure to get a well-paid job right after graduation. You can also study other courses and get jobs but most aren’t in high-demand or well-paid like the courses and fields listed above.

What jobs are in high-demand in Canada? What jobs are easy to get in Canada?

The sectors we listed in the former question have jobs that are in high-demand. There are also other jobs that are in high-demand, which you can do with just skill and experience, and not necessarily education. Therefore, if the question can I work in Canada or move to Canada without university education is in your mind, then you’ve to know that the answer is yes.

Then, what are these jobs that are in high-demand in Canada? They include

  • Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Social Care worker
  • Construction manager
  • Physiotherapy therapist
  • Industrial electrician
  • College instructor
  • Optician
  • Psychologist
  • Welder
  • Truck driver
  • Software engineer
  • Veterinary technician/assistant
  • Medical doctor/surgeon
  • Power system electrician
  • Engineering manager
  • Pipe-fitting supervisor
  • Scientific research manager
  • Public administration director

What universities should I apply for in Canada? Best Universities to study in Canada?

These universities should be in your mind. The universities you should apply for in Canada are:

How do I move to Canada without University Degree?

How do I move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money question may seem to bother you much if you don’t have university degree but you shouldn’t bother too much. You should note that you can move to Canada as a skilled personnel who has good experience without university education. Being a skilled artisan or personnel working in Canada doesn’t mean you won’t be well-paid.

You can move without a degree by being recommended and invited or by going through the lottery and advert placement pushed by the country. Sometimes truck drivers or engineers or welders or care workers may be needed, and this is when you apply to get accepted.

These questions stated and answer above do justice to how do I move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money in a great way. What you should note is that once you’re accepted in Canada and you begin working, you make a good amount of money, save and send some home to be invested in businesses, real estate, gold and other avenues. Once you are employed in Canada, you’ll be paid well and higher than what you were earning in your home country. You should also remember that the standard of living is better there.

Now, what are the steps and procedures you should take while working on moving to Canada? What are the tips you should know about applying and relocating to Canada successfully? Your relocation is assured and can come out a success if you know the tips and the processes.

What are the Steps and Tips to Note before working on moving to Canada?

  • Strict Migration Process: You should note that Canada is now a competitive and stricter country now than before. So if you’re thinking of moving get everything right, read up and ask questions about their visa application and approval interviews.
  • Job Policy: Canada has a policy of Canadians first on jobs. This means that all jobs in Canada would have to go to Canadians first; it’s only when there are no qualified Canadians for the vacant positions that foreigners are encouraged to apply. Therefore, you should note this and know that applying for studies will do you better as you would be more qualified for jobs after studies with a degree from one of their universities.
  • Emphasis on Skills and Experience: The country admires skills and experience a lot. While moving, endeavor to put into consideration your skills and experience and include them in your CV/resume. Soft skills like team work, punctuality, time management, leadership qualities, brainstorming (creativity) and many more are important as well as advanced skills-on-job. On writing your CV/resume, focus more on showcasing all of your skills and experience.
  • Proper Research on Canada: Make a proper research about Canada, the jobs there, the economically viable areas and all that before you start making moves to relocate to Canada. What you want to go and do there, course you want to study, the jobs you want to apply, where you want to live, what languages you speak, what skills and experience you have all play a role in determining if your visa application would be approved or not.
  • High Cost of Living: Canada has a high cost of living so most of your earnings would go to the expenses of tax, accommodation, power and water bills and many more. Thus, you might be saving little but that little, when managed, is enough to make good investments in your home country.

Prices of some Personal and Household Needs in Canada 

Average single meal in a Restaurant – $17

Rent fee of a furnished studio (monthly) – $1,000

Internet charge/expenses on the average (monthly) – $50

Public Transport (monthly) – $100

Gym Subscription (monthly) – $60

Monthly Utilities – $102

Single Doctor Visit – $100

Pair of jeans – $75

Book – $15

  • More Artisan Jobs: As a migrant or student, you’d encounter artisan jobs higher and often than you encounter office jobs. Please, endeavor to take them while waiting for the proper jobs even if you’re PhD qualified in your home country. There are more jobs as truck drivers, conductors, cooks, janitors, construction assistants and many more than office jobs.  
  • Cold Canada: Canada is colder than most developed countries. It’s so freezing. Therefore, you should endeavor to take enough warming clothes with you and get an apartment with heater. The cold is worse than the heat of the summer, and it can be brutal for you as a migrant.
  • Enough Funds in your Account: You should ensure you’ve enough, and if possible, plenty money in your bank account and also documented assets before applying. The higher the worth of the money in your account and your assets, the higher the chances of your visa application getting approved.

The steps you should take in seeking Canadian visa approval or moving to Canada are:

  • Make proper research about moving and Canadian visa approval
  • Applying for schools, make research about it and make a choice of school and course
  • Apply for schools and scholarships
  • Keep all the required documents and do all the required tasks
  • Once all your papers and tasks are complete. (For students–you’ve been admitted and even given a scholarship)
  • You make further research about the visa approval interviews and all. (Take note of the likely questions they may ask and what to say)
  • You make your application and study intensively for the interview
  • Ace the visa approval interview and begin preparation to leave


How do I move or migrate to Canada and get a job to make money question shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’ve read and digested the content of this post. Moving to Canada is really not a hard task to accomplish, you should simply know the right things to do and how to do them. Once you move/migrate to Canada the right way, know what to do to get jobs, you can easily get jobs and start making money in no time to sustain yourself and make some savings.

You can also do a small profitable business in Canada to make extra income and live better in the country.

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