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How to attract Customers and visitors to your Website through Google and Bing (Complete and Well-Researched Guide)

How do I attract customers and visitors to my site through Google and Bing is usually one of the commonly asked questions by people who own a website or have a site for their businesses. The world of website business or anything connected to tech hasn’t been so easy, and one has to be careful as to have a competitive advantage or lose out. Aside from the matter that website business is highly competitive as there are millions of websites in the world right now, ranking and getting visitors and customers from search engines like Google and Bing is even harder.

Search engine is the best place to get customers, visitors and traffic to your website. Although getting customers and traffic from search engine is a very hard task, it is the cheapest, largest and the most dependent source of customers and traffic to a website. Once you do good work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and get your website to rank on the first page of Google and Bing, you’ll continuously get traffic to your website.

So, as a website owner, your main concern should be on how do I attract customers and visitors to my site through Google and Bing? If you know the way to do this, you’re on your way to having a website that works with continuous inflow of customers, visitors and traffic. The success then lies on you to do the right things and take the right steps.

Before we go into revealing these processes and steps that you can use to attract customers to your website through Google and Bing, we would be answering questions related to the topic to make you understand better.

How do I build a website?

You can build a website by coding or using platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Wix and some others to build it. Coded or programmed website gives you the full rights and flexibility to your website unlike the ones you build using other platforms. However, building websites using other platforms is faster, cheaper and easier to manage. You can build it yourself (if you know how to) or contact professional web designers and make sure they do it well.

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Which website ranks well on Google and Bing?

Website that are fast, have the best contents and are backlinked to websites with authority rank well on Google and Bing. If you want to rank well, then you must have the funds and work hard to ensure your site ranks well. The major requirements of Google and Bing for your website to rank well are:

  • VERY GOOD CONTENT. Having the best content of that topic in the internet helps you rank well. The content should also be long like 1500 words and above.
  • Content that answers the questions people ask or what customers want also ranks well.
  • Your site should have good and powerful backlinks. This one is very important.
  • Very fast website.
  • Good user interaction, traffic and longer stay of users on your website is another heavy requirement.  

There are over 200 Ranking Factors used by Google as presented by Backlinko but the ones we outline above are the major ones, and if you adhere to all your website will rank well.

What is backlink and how does it affect ranking?

Backlinks is like the skeleton of the internet or the structure. They are what connect one website to another. Google and Bing use the number of backlinks a website has to know if it is good for ranking or not. Backlinks are so important that it is among the top three ranking factors they use. So, endeavor that you have sufficient and high-ranking backlinks.

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How would I (my website) rank on Google and Bing first page?

Ranking on the first page takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You have to note that to rank on the first page you have to have an excellent website that 100% fulfills the requirement of ranking on Google and Bing. You are in competition with millions of other websites, so ensure you meet all the requirement. Thus go through Backlinko’s 200 ranking factors and make sure your website adheres to them. Even the ones we mentioned above are also very important.

What website niche ranks faster and higher on Google and Bing?

There is no known niche or website that ranks higher on Google. Before you think of starting a website, you should know that competition is stiff, and to rank higher or appear on first page of search engines would be super hard. However you can do keyword research to know what niche has less competition, and it is in this niche you would rank higher and faster.

Furthermore, before starting a website check and inquire about the profitability of that niche and the amount of traffic, visitors and customers. Most low competition niches are not lucrative as per income and have poor traffic. The best is to go to competitive niches that pay well and search out low competition keywords in them in order to rank.

Where can I do keyword research?

You can carry out keyword research in either of these platforms, some are free or offer limited free services while others are paid.

Google Keyword Planner


Google Trends

SEM Rush


What niche is the most profitable of websites and blogs to start?

You can make money in any niche you are in, and the higher the traffic to your website, the higher the profitability. The goal should be increasing the traffic to your site, especially through search engines like Google and Bing. Why search engine traffic is cool is that it comes free so far you do your work well.

Even though all niches pay, some are more profitable than others. Some of these niches include:

  • Insurance
  • Personal Finance
  • Investment
  • Scholarships
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Health
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Niche Sports like Golf, Basketball and Rugby
  • Travel

Moving on to the main point, we present to you tips and answer the question, how do I attract customers and visitors to my site through Google and Bing?

How to attract customers, traffic and visitors to your website through Google and Bing

  • You should write the best content on that topic in the internet. It should be long as well, minimum of 1500 words.
  • Make sure every article you publish on your website is SEO well-optimized.
  • Endeavor to build backlinks to every article you publish and link to other high-ranking websites as well.
  • Submit your site and site maps to Google Search Console and Bing.
  • Your website should be very fast. 50% fastness on mobile and 80% for desktop users. Thus, your site should be user-friendly on mobile and computer.
  • Buy a .com, .org, .edu or any other domain that doesn’t have extensions.
  • Your URL should be short and represent the topic of your website.
  • Ensure your site has SSL certificate (https instead of http).
  • When buying domain make sure you buy it for long like 2 – 3 years.
  • On building your site, it should be well-structured that a user and Google bots can easily sift through the website like a well-done maze.
  • Submit your site to all web directories you know.
  • Do image optimization when publishing articles.
  • Be updating your site every week and every installed plug-ins if it is WordPress.
  • Make your keywords appear in your first paragraph, headings and conclusion when writing content.
  • Write good meta description when publishing articles. Make sure your keyword is in your article’s URL, title and meta description.
  • Your content should obey grammar rules and have no typos.
  • What you write should be engaging to let users stay longer on your site.
  • Guest post on websites of similar niche who have high-authority.
  • Build popular social media profiles and direct followers and friends from there to your website.
  • Be consistent on growing and expanding your site. Work on your site consistently.


How do I attract customers and visitors to my site through Google and Bing question shouldn’t be much problem to you as a website owner if you do all that has been suggested here or read Backlinko’s post. The level of how you adhere to these will determine whether you would rank well in 6 months – 2 years and attract customers through Google and Bing. There’s nothing better than getting in free and big traffic consistently to your site.

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