What’s the future of Augmented Reality for Nigerians and Africans?

What is Augmented Reality? What’s the future of Augmented Reality for Nigerians and Africans? What’s the future of money-making?

What’s the future of Augmented Reality for Nigerians and Africans?

The technology world advances so fast that before you say “Jack,” another tech innovation is executed. Some people debate about the effects of augmented reality when more innovations are already being made in the field. This reality created by technology and the internet is here and is at an advanced stage. Most people haven’t realized this, especially Nigerians and Africans. The big question should then be what is the future of augmented reality for Nigerians and Africans? How do Nigerians and Africans make money from it? What’s the future of money-making?

Most Africans who do not know about the upcoming augmented reality taking shape now, and they don’t know what it is and how it can be tapped into. Earlier, we made a post about Web 3.0 (What is Web 3.0? Make Money in the Future), the next internet already in the works that would make web surfing faster and better with what you can do to earn from it as an African and Nigerian. This new Web 3.0 would influence augmented reality concept in tech.

Due to how fast Web 3.0 is, most of the interactions on the new internet platform would be based on video or visual. It is depending on the video or visual ways of interaction that augmented reality comes in. In the next section of the post, we’ll be answering questions to make you understand better what augmented reality and the future of the reality for Nigerians and Africans? How would you make money from it?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an internet creation that would be come in place as a second reality outside the primary reality humans know. This augmented reality is like a world on its own where people get to experience what they usually do in the real life. It’s simple as having a gadget over your eyes and living in another reality where you interact, relax, play games, live in a movie and what not.

This reality is just like carrying out your daily routine on earth, only that it is not the real reality.

What would Augmented reality be like?

Augmented reality would be a version of earth, though with a better standard and an almost Eldorado kind of life. People can use their gadgets to get into this second reality and have meetings, play games, be part of a movie, visit places they have not visited. With augmented reality, there would be no boundaries and people don’t have to leave where they are to go to places.

This reality will encourage virtual jobs, tourism (virtually), gaming, storytelling (through movies and gaming), intensive globalization and less power and corruption to the politicians all over the world.

The negative side is that it’s more likely to encourage robbery and a dysfunctional society as people would live independently without minding of human culture, governance or taking care of themselves properly. Birth rate would reduce as people would prefer to not have families.

Why is tech still going to rule the world?

Understanding this augmented reality and taking part in it can only happen when you are knowledgeable about tech. Technology, especially smart technology, is the future of the world. You’re seriously missing out on taking part of this augmented reality technology if you are not tech savvy. Aside from tech, another sector that would sell is agriculture and agro-allied.

Would augmented reality change how business is done or ways of money-making?

Yes. It would. Businesses that do not adapt to tech would be eliminated except in very remote areas where the use of internet is poor. Logistics, food, agriculture, retailing, fashion and every single business on earth would be affected in one way or another. Businesses should adapt and leverage on possibilities made available by the internet or die off.

The future of money-making is also going to be changed by augmented reality. This internet feature would give more money and authority to content creators of all types (movies, games, narrators and many more). Thus, there would be more freedom to own your content, put adverts yourself and make money as a content creator.

The most important question of all is how would augmented reality change the process and procedure of the economy? How would money-making process be changed? Understanding this question is very pertinent in realize what is the future of Augmented Reality for Nigerians and Africans? Now to this important part below,

How would augmented reality change business, the economy, procedure of money-making and what does this future have for Africans and Nigerians? 

Augmented reality will change the economy and how people do business in a great way. You have to note that if you’re already doing a business then you should adapt to the new reality by becoming tech savvy and updating your business to fit this new reality in these ways below,

  • Get your business on social media and establish a website for it.
  • You might also consider building an app to enable your customers log in and check your recent catalogue to order wherever they are.
  • Consider getting a delivery bike, car or truck to deliver goods directly to your customers.
  • Get a contact book and take the details of your customers, their names, their email addresses, location, birthdays and phone numbers. This is to enable you stay in touch with them and send them special messages like on holidays and their birthdays.
  • While building a website and an app, remember to include a feature where they can visit your store virtually, see what you have and make good selections from afar.

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Furthermore, in terms of business and economy, there would be rush for tech again and many companies would rise to take part in the augmented reality field. More money would be in that sector and any company doing anything in the field at all in terms of finance, service delivery, entertainment and so on would gain a lot from it.

Then we come to the question, what is the future of Augmented Reality for Nigerians and Africans? The future here lies in making your business adhere to this reality by embracing tech as we’d listed earlier. Then as an unemployed or underemployed, you should consider being a content creator or run a business in this sector or provide services there. In this future, game creators, movie makers, video creators, storytellers and all fields of content creating would earn a lot of money online.

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Further on the Business Economy of Augmented Reality

To give instances on how the future of this reality would be, we would be examining three sectors in human life and presenting examples as below,

  • Education: Augmented reality will enhance education and the understanding level of students through visual and realistic demonstration for the students. There’d be better attention to detail as most instructions and teaching process would be done visually and with realistic experiment apparatuses. The students are also to choose learning at home (virtually) or not. 

What this also means is that studying in countries with better facilities would be made available easily. People can also learn free with a lot of valuable information provided for free online.

  • Retail/Business: In this sector, with augmented reality, people must not necessarily go to shops or offices to patronize any business. Buyers can check from the comfort of their homes and virtually assess the products on sale fully before buying. They can also check out in detail the price, quality, and worthiness of products on sale before ordering them.
  • Health: Health workers would be trained better through this augmented reality. Patients would have better opportunities to check out the drugs they intend to get. There would be more access to treatment, and there’d be a better recovery rate. 
  • Logistics and Transportation: This sector will boom very well in the future as people would be shopping from home and be taking long vacations. There will always be that good to deliver or this family or that family to transport.
  • Finance: In the future, most currencies, especially the legal ones, would be digital; there would be little use of paper currencies in the future. Businesses like digital banks and saving software and app would flourish as well.
  • Agriculture/Food: There will be a steady increase in population and more food would have to be cultivated. More greenhouses would be built up to meet up with food expectations. People in this sector will earn a lot in the future as food would get costlier.

Aside from anything tech and content creation in particular, you should also consider going into this sectors of the economy or businesses.


Augmented reality will, in a great way, change the entertainment, transportation, gaming, messaging, and other sectors. So if indeed you’ve understood all we said about what is the future of augmented reality for Nigerians and Africans, you should know what to do, the skills to learn and the businesses to do. The future is bright and there’s money to be made if you truly know what to do.

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