how to make money from metaverse

How to Make Money from Metaverse as a Nigerian or African

Make Money from Metaverse as a Nigerian or African

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of Facebook’s involvement in Metaverse aroused some sort of excitement in the tech community. For one, tech enthusiast were excited about the idea of one of the biggest tech companies getting involved in the future of the internet. Secondly, it made the idea of Metaverse widely known. The question people who heard about it for the first time or newbies, especially Nigerians and Africans, usually ask about it is how do I make money from Metaverse as a Nigerian and African?

Before Zuckerberg made that statement, most Nigerians and Africans didn’t know what Metaverse was all about and most haven’t heard of it. They have definitely heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency a lot but not about Metaverse. However, there is no much difference between blockchain technology and Metaverse.

The important fact you must note about Metaverse is that it’s the future internet. With the scrapping of Web 2.0 and the adoption of Web 3.0 (What is Web 3.0? Make Money in the Future), internet will change, become faster, better and visually-centered. This new internet will be built on blockchain technology.

As an individual, an African, a Nigerian, you can make money from this new internet. However, you should know all about it and what you can do to make money from it. We’ll be listing some questions and answering them to enable you get to know Metaverse better.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a new form of internet which would be in form of an alternate reality of the world we live in. It is simply a virtual reality of earth, copying and utilizing in 3D how we live our lives in all ramifications. Metaverse will answer human questions, be a market, help in learning, enhance working from home, enhance virtual meeting and many more.

In essence, it is the imitation of all the processes and procedures of human life. With the gadgets used for it you can log on and enter the virtual reality space where you can carry out most of the duties you do in the real world. Thus, it combines features of the physical and digital world.

What can I do on Metaverse?

You can do a wide a wide range things or perform a wide range of actions on the Metaverse when it kicks off fully. You can do the following:

  • Shopping
  • Study and learn
  • Socialize
  • Attend events like concerts, art exhibition, football matches, wrestling games, celebrity marriage, campaigns and many more
  • Run a business
  • Play games
  • Build and buy an estate
  • Host an event or show

There are also many more actions you can take on the Metaverse. It offers limitless opportunities.

Is Metaverse dangerous? Will it harm me?

Metaverse doesn’t harm or cause flu or breakout of virus as people widely fear. Metaverse is safe and can be used by people of any class and age. If you don’t use it due to misconceptions, you’re left behind and you won’t recover if you’ve a business.

What can Metaverse do for my business?

Metaverse offers you great opportunities to develop and expand your business further. With this internet type, you can make buying and selling be virtual for your customers (they don’t have to come to your stall or something). You can also think of other business opportunities to make your business time-flexible.

There are many opportunities for businesses on the Metaverse; if you don’t capitalize on them, you’d lose out and be kicked out of the business.

How do I make money from money from Metaverse as a Nigerian and African?

You can make money from Metaverse by taking charge or acting upon the money making opportunities presented by this new internet. It is either you put the business you already do on the Metaverse or you create new business compatible with this internet type. You can make money by doing any of these on the Metaverse,

  • Buying and renting a Virtual Property: On this space, there would be the representation of houses and mimicked residential places. Of course, you would have to buy them, especially the ones created by popular brands like Facebook or Amazon. You can do the business of buying them and selling them or even renting the properties.
  • Advertising: Due to how people get into the Metaverse, there’d definitely be crowded places there. You can make money by forecasting places people would visit more in the future on the space and purchasing them. Once you purchase, you put up adverts and charge money. Places like concert arenas, stadiums, gaming arenas and more or somewhere close to these place would definitely be a good spot to buy on the space.
  • Buy Stocks of Metaverse Company: You can also make a good amount of money by buying stocks from companies who are creating business around that space. You remember how fast Tesla’s shares and stock was going up high, that’s how the stock of most Metaverse companies would perform. Buy them immediately any of them go public.
  • Investing in NFTs: NFTs are gaining ground now but they are even yet to perform very high and according to its high expectations. You can invest in it in the Metaverse as it would replace most art collectibles and memorabilia. You venture into this, predict and know the ones that would do well so you can buy them and save for future sale, or create ones that can sell as well.
  • Play to Earn Games: This one is so beautiful in this how do I make money from money from Metaverse as a Nigerian and African? You simply play games and earn yourself some money by winning. There would also be some form of betting if you’re good at betting. However, we encourage you to ignore betting and just play games to earn.
  • Content Creation: You can make all kinds of content and host or launch it on the Metaverse. These contents can be games, movies, education guides, information marketing and many more. You create your own space and make access to that space free then you monetize it later.

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  • E-Commerce or Metaverse Commerce: This is where you put up your business on the Metaverse. You create a stall like it’s your physical stall and put up your products for sale. The wonderful thing is that your stall would look so real and when users choose their products you can deliver it to them through drones or vehicle delivery.

You can also transfer the business you’re doing to Metaverse and capitalize on it while this internet type is still young.


As a Nigerian or African, you can do any of the mentioned things in this how do I make money from money from Metaverse as a Nigerian and African to make money. You have to note that the world would become a global village and you can do what makes money for you from anywhere. Cryptocurriences would be the form of exchange as well and Metaverse shall be built on blockchain technology.

You should study more about it, learn the necessary skills in blockchain technology, content creation, NFT buying and selling, video making and editing, game development so as not to be left out in this internet revolution.


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