How to Move to Denmark (Sure Success and Assurance Guaranteed)

How do I move to Denmark is one prominent question people around the world ask because of the peace and good standard of living offered by Denmark. Denmark, a country in Europe, is considered by some researchers to be the country with the happiest people because of the standard of living there. The country offers a lot of opportunities and good standard of living, which makes it a good decision if you want to move there.

No matter where you are from or your culture or race or color, Denmark treats every migrants or intending migrants the same way. The fact is that if you’re preparing to go to Denmark there is no special treatment for anyone isn’t an European Union (EU) citizen. Therefore, if you’re a Canadian, Indian, Chinese, American, Nigerian or from any other non-EU country, there’s no special treatment for anyone.

Even as an EU citizen, Denmark has strict restrictions when it comes to migration. For one, Denmark isn’t a country you travel to to study and reside as they have strict regulations against students staying back in their country. So, unless you get married to a Danish who must be employed and well-to-do or you are invited by work, you won’t be allowed into Denmark like that.

Before we give other tips and answer the question how do I move to Denmark, we’ll take you through some questions people ask about relocating to Denmark.

Where is Denmark?

Denmark is in Europe. It is one of the coldest regions of the world and has a long dark winter. The country has a long cultural and political history. It is closely tied to other European countries like Britain. They speak Danish language, and a good majority of them speaks English.

Is Denmark a good place to live?

Denmark is a good place to live. The standard of living in the country is good in terms of security, low crime rate, available jobs and all. It is a place you can stay and live a peaceful and successful average life. There is the presence of social amenities in large quantities and good healthcare.

Does Denmark have jobs? What jobs can I find in Denmark?

Yes. There is a good number of jobs in Denmark. However, you should note that you can mostly get the jobs by referral because getting it as a migrant without knowing anyone would be difficult. What jobs can I find in Denmark easily?

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Construction assistant/worker
  • English tutor/teacher
  • Building/construction engineer
  • Social care worker

Is Denmark a good place to study?

Yes. Denmark is a good place to study. You can easily get admitted to study any course of your choice at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The good thing is that some universities there use English as their language of instruction. However, foreign students are strictly prevented from staying back.

Once your student visa expires you’re asked to return to your home country. Therefore, Denmark is not a good choice for study if you intend staying back to work and live.

Next, we attempt to finally and fully answer how you can move to Denmark, the tips, the criteria, what you’ve to note and what to avoid.

How do I move to Denmark? What are the tips and criteria?

You can move to Denmark easily if you know what to do and the right steps you must take. Moving to Denmark doesn’t really present a very rich outcome for you, however, your standard of living will be upgraded. As a Nigerian or African or any other third world country, your standard of living will not only improve, you’ll make more money as well and earn better income.

Firstly, you have to know what to do before you apply or think of moving. You have to keep it in mind that successfully moving to Denmark to live there can only be possible if you’re invited by work or you married someone there. Other reasons for migrating, even as a refugee, is mostly hard to come through.

Facts to note before considering the Denmark move,

  • You should plan on marrying a Denmark citizen who has good bank account balance, has been working for the past 3 years and has an accommodation, preferably his or her own house. (Yes, Denmark looks at and demands these things).
  • You’ll have to pass their English test before moving and be ready to pass the Danish language test in 6 – 9 months.
  • You or the person you intend to marry (if going there for marriage) should have no criminal record.
  • The marriage you’re getting into should be serious and sincere.
  • Get to know the documents that are required and get them ready such as bank account statement, birth certificate, employment letters, school certificates and many more.
  • The Danish people are strict conservatives, so prepare your mind to act cool and not go against their tradition and customs. Once you are a reasonable calm person watching out to not abuse their way of life, you’re good to go.
  • It is a very cold country so go with enough clothing or money to buy some and Vitamin D tablets.
  • You should research about the cities and towns in Denmark before moving as some cities have housing shortages. You don’t want to be homeless in a foreign country.
  • After laying out these plans, execute them and apply for Visa and there’s high possibility that it won’t be rejected and you would be given residential permit to stay as long as you want.

Or, if you want to move by the work you do then follow these steps,

  • Get a work there or tell the company you’re already working for to move you there if they have a branch in the country.
  • Apply for visa with the letter of employment or need for relocation because of work.
  • When you’re granted visa and you move, seek for residential permit due to work.

While apply for residential permit make sure you aren’t going against the system of the country. No crime, no tax defaulting and you should have been good in Danish language.

You can apply for jobs as an educated person or as a technician or skilled artisan. You can also be accepted under Business Start-up if you’ve the money and write an innovative business proposal you would do in Denmark. You submit the proposal to the Denmark agency in charge of it and if it is approved, automatically you’re granted a residential permit.


How do I move to Denmark shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know the right things to do. From any country, especially Nigerians and Africans, these steps, tips and guide should direct you on how to successfully move, migrate of relocate to Denmark. You also have the question how do I move to Denmark as an American, this is a good guide.

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