How Much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria?

How much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria is usually a frequently asked question among Nigerians. This is because the cost of the phone is of great concern to them. Nigerians are great iPhone lovers, and would go to any length to get an iPhone. Thus, it is important you know how much it is in the phone market. We will do justice to that in this post.

This phone is the newest of iPhone brands in the market. It has better features and characteristics than all other previous iPhone brands. In this post, we will not be talking about the price of this phone only, we’ll also be writing about the features. What amazing features does iPhone 14 have?

However, in the first section, we’ll be looking at the price.

How Much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria?

You buy the iPhone 14 in Nigeria for around 800,000 naira to over 1 million naira depending on the storage capacity and features.

You have to know that it is a good phone quite all right; but, it is very expensive right now. There are no fairly used for the phones in the market at the moment. You have to budget and save for the purchase of this phone gradually. To get the money to buy this phone is achievable.

To get the phone is good, too, as it satisfies all your need and desire in a phone.

Where to Buy iPhone 14 in Nigeria?

You can buy iPhone 14 in Apple Stores nationwide. You can find Apple Stores in cities like Ikeja, Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. For now, we advise you to buy from Apple Stores.

You can only buy from retailers if you have known them before due to your previous dealing with them, and they are genuine and authentic.  

The Features of the iPhone 14

Design and Look: This phone has the same design and look like the iPhone 13. It has flat-edged design. There are camera bumps on the iPhone 14, and they are larger than what was obtained in the previous versions of the iPhone.

The phone has a 6.1-inch display. This means that this phone’s size is great. It is large enough to make you enjoy the phone but not too large. Thus, the phone is portable, light, and pocket-friendly. In addition to these, there is a shiny Apple logo at the back of the phone.

The phone equally has a shiny glass body. Most of the body is covered in thicker glass, especially the front that serves as the part used for operation by the user. There is also the presence of the high-end titanium alloy exquisite material. This makes it strong and resistant to scratch and damage.

This phone’s design makes it very attractive to the eyes.  

The phone comes in variety of colors just as obtained in the previous iPhones. This phone comes in black, white, red, blue, and purple, colors. The “purple” color was added newly. iPhone 14 is the first iPhone brand to have the purple color variant.

Camera: On this phone, there is an advancement in the ultra-wide and wide angle camera technology. There is 12-megapixel and 48-megapixel cameras installed on the phone. These camera types can be used at different situations and points in time. The cameras are sharp, clear, and bright.

The camera has good lighting capacity, and this means that it can be used to take images even in low light conditions. The camera is also night mode enabled. You should note that the cinematic mode is equally present on the phone. The phone has blurring effects that makes you appear sharper and better in the pictures taken.

There is HDR feature in the camera, which enables the camera focus on the features of the individuals in the images to make them appear better. The sunlight and environment can be optimized to make the people in the images appear better. Thus, all these features lead to brighter and more beautiful images for the user. 

On the camera, there are also good editing features that would make you edit your pictures well on the phone.

The camera features on this phone is great. The pictures taken on this phone is at the same quality and level as ones taken with studio high-definition cameras. They come out fine and neat. This plays a big role in deciding how much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria.

Video Recorder: This phone enables 8K video recording. This makes this phone’s video recorder one of the best video recorders installed on any smartphone in the market. The sound and video mixture in the videos recorded is great. You should expect to have top-notch videos shot with this phone. This phone is a good bet for skit makers and video content creators.

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 14: You should know that the chip installed on this phone is still the same A15 Bionic chip used in iPhone 13. This chip is built on the same N5P process.

The chip is fast and efficient in performing its duty. Due to its engine and features, this chip enables the phone to process commands very fast. There is a major boost in the performance of the phone in terms of processing speed considering what was obtained in the former version of the iPhone.

The RAM capacity of the phone is also great. The RAM capacity adds to the fast processing speed of the phone. The RAM capacity of iPhone 14 is 6 GB, making it one of the best RAM capacities in the smartphone market. You can perform duties on this phone without the phone hanging or disturbing you.

For lovers of gaming, video editing, graphic designing, on smartphone, this phone is a great value to you. This is why the phone is of great value. It is a factor that adds to how much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria?

Connectivity: This phone has the 5G network connectivity installed on the phone. This means it follows the path of modern iPhones with its 5G network connectivity. It also means that when you surf the internet on this phone, it is very fast and processes information very fast. This phone is the best for you if you are a heavy user of the internet.

The phone allows satellite connectivity–one of the first smartphones to enable this feature. This means that you can do some certain things requiring network, especially in the times of emergency situations. For instance, you can send text messages in areas where there is no network courtesy of satellite connectivity. This satellite connectivity is about to be upgraded as users can easily connect and report disasters in the near future.

The WiFi installed on this phone is the WiFi 6E. It is very fast in connection and browses very fast when connected.

Storage Capacity: The iPhone 14 offers one of the best storage capacities among iPhones. With this phone, you are sure of around 1 TB storage capacity or below. What you should know is that the storage capacity is super great, and you can store a large amount of information and data on the phone. So, with this phone, you do not have to worry about limited spaces at all.

Cooling Technology: This phone is one of the first to have a vapor chemical thermal system. This system has a cooling technological concept that aids in the reduction of the overheating of the phone. This will clear the doubts of people. Smartphone lovers, who are worried this phone might overheat due to 5G and processing speed, don’t need to be afraid because it is installed with cooling technology.  

Lightning Port: There is the presence of lightning port on this phone even though it is not as massive as it used to be.

In addition to everything that has been written, you are also to know that there is no physical sim card slot on the phone, and the battery capacity of the phone is more than 3500 mAh.  This phone also continues to use the Face ID security feature; thus, the phone is super secure with an improvement on the Face ID feature. It is a phone you can trust that it would never fail in terms of offering you privacy and security.


How much is iPhone 14 in Nigeria should not be a problem after reading this post. It is true that this phone cost a lot; however, if you can afford the phone it is a good bargain for you. From the camera to the processing speed to the storage, it offers one of the best set of features in the smartphone market.

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