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How Much is iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria?

A majority of Nigerians are lovers of the iPhone brand. They would do anything to have the iPhone brand. However, the problem is that the price of the brand is not that accessible to Nigerians. This does not mean that it cannot be bought. With proper budgeting and saving, this phone brand can be purchased. In this post, we’ll be looking at how much is iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria.

You should note that this phone offers great features that are suitable for any user of a smartphone. It has high-tech characteristics, which would suit all of your needs of a smartphone, notwithstanding how big and massive your duties are. In this post, we’ll also be looking at the characteristics and futures; so, you will get to know the phone you are buying better.

First on the list, though, is how much you can get this phone, and where to get it in Nigeria?

How Much is iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria?

You can buy this phone for around 500,0000 naira to 800,000 naira depending on the storage capacity of the phone for the fairly used. You can hardly get the new ones at the moment in Nigeria.

The fairly used is sometimes as good as the new ones. However, we advise you to go to locations and businesses where they sell good fairly used iPhones, not damaged refurbished ones.

Where to Buy iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria?

You can buy this iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple stores scattered Nigeria’s major cities and towns. Cities and towns like Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Ikeja, Lagos, and some others.

You can also buy this phone from Apple-certified third-party retailers. However, when you are buying from third-party retailers, you should ensure you go to businesses where the authentic iPhone is sold.

The Features of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Design and Look: The first aspect we’ll be talking about this phone is its design and look. You should know that the phone’s design and look is similar to iPhone 12 Pro models. However, there is advancement in the interior and exterior design of the phone. The first thing you should note about the phone is that it has flat edges.

On the outer part of the phone, there is a steel frame that is stainless, and a better factory-constructed glass back. There is also an advancement in the thickness of the phone to 7.65mm.

The stainless feature of the phone makes it clean and neat. It is also one of the largest iPhones in the market. It comes in different colors.

It is available in sierra blue, graphite, gold, alpine green, and silver. 

Storage Capacity: There are different storage capacities that come with the phone as you’re also given the chance to choose your preferred storage capacity. Th higher the storage capacity of the phone, the higher the amount.

The phone comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, storage capacities.

Battery Capacity: The battery of this phone stays longer than a good majority of the iPhone brands in the market. In fact, this iPhone version has the longest-lasting battery among all iPhones. The battery capacity is 4,352 mAh. 

On use, this phone can last longer than 95 hours, depending on how you use it.  There are several time lengths and limits it can last. For one, this phone can last for around 29 hours when you are doing video playback with it, and it can last up to 26 hours when you are continuously streaming video with it. Finally, it stays up to 94 hours when you are doing audio playback.

Summarily, it has a long lasting battery.

Fast Charging: This phone has a fast charging capacity. This means it can charge your phone is the shortest possible time. The phone also has a wireless charging characteristics. It can charge from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. This is a good one to save you the time of waiting for your phone to charge before you use it. The charger’s adapter is of 20W capacity.

Phone Security: The phone is safeguarded and locked by its Face ID and fingerprint features. They are are very active in securing the phone. They cannot be compromised. The Face ID is an updated or advanced version as compared to the ones previously used in the other Apple smartphones. 

When this phone is locked by the owner, it is almost impossible for a third party to get access to the phone. It deals with the saved identification details of the owner. In the cases of scenarios where putting on your face mask or anything obstructs the full view of your face, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your phone.

Display: The display of the phone is awesome. It is a display you would appreciate as a buyer. It is built to suit the taste of all of its users. The display is bright and beautiful with the colors on the screen aligning and blending.

You should note that the phone has a 2778 X 1284 resolution with 458 pixels. The brightness and light of the phone is adopted to suit day and night. The phone’s screen has high sensitivity to touch. 

Camera: The iPhone 13 Pro Max has one of the best cameras in the smartphone market. Aside from the resolution and pixels of the phone, which has been mentioned earlier, this camera has smart a HDR design, and lots of sensors for improved performance of the camera. The smart HDR is to optimize the features of the target symbols the camera captures when snapping, while the sensors are to check the environment and optimize it for better images. 

You should note that the camera is a triple-lens camera, and some of the lenses are telephoto lenses. These lenses are ultra-wide with deep capacity. 

There is night mode enabled on the phone. Cinematic mode is another feature that enabled on the phone’s camera as there are effects a user can use to optimize the camera to present brighter and better images. The camera has blurring effects to maje the pictures appear better and clearer.

The camera has other features like macro photography, portrait mode, deep fusion and  others. There are equally several editing and filter features. These different features are to assist and guide you in snapping and producing flawless images of high-definition and high-class standards. Good for all types of photoshoots. 

The awesome camera of this phone adds a lot to the deciding factor of how much is iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria.

Connectivity: There is 5G network connectivity enabled on the phone. This makes the phone quite fast to use. If you are running or performing a function on the internet, the phone acts very fast. Once you are in places where the faster version of 5G exists, your use of the internet would be fast. 5G network is present in Nigeria, and has been rolled in places like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

The phone also has WiFi and an improved version of Bluetooth to enable you to connect to other phones by network or sharing files. 

Chip and Processing Speed of iPhone 13 Pro Max: The chip installed on this phone is the A15 Bionic chip. This chip is very fast in processing the information required of it. This means whenever you are using it, the phone is very fast when it responds to your commands.

You should note that the phone also has a 6GB RAM. This RAM capacity means the processing speed is very fast. Any information or program run you need to be done, this phone processes it fast. For heavy users such as programmers, video editors, or even game reviewers online, this phone offers a very fast processing speed that you cannot just ignore. 

This phone’s processing speed adds to the factor of how much is iPhone 13 Pro Max in Nigeria?

Water and Dust Resistance: The phone has the IP68 feature, which makes it water and dust resistant to a good extent. You should note that water and dust are one of the main causes of the breakdown of iPhones. 

The ceramic shield of the phone enables the phone to be water-resistant. The external and internal features developed on the phone also help in the dust resistance level of the phone. However, this does not mean you should expose your phone to water and dust for a long time.

The water and dust resistance is only for a short while. The constant and deep impact of water and dust on your phone will leave it damaged. 

Video Recording: The video recorder of the phone has a 4K video recording capability of up to 60fps. This includes additional cinematic features that make the videos shot with this phone of a very good standard. Any video content creator can use the phone to shoot videos without negativities. 

Data and Battery Saver: This phone has data and battery saver features, too. These data and battery saver features are to help users minimize the rate at which data and their battery are consumed on their phones. You should note that this was not present in older models of iPhone. A great feature to benefit Nigerians and Ghanaians. 

The phone has other features like good GPS and dual e-sim support, 

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