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How to Borrow Data from GLO

GLO, like other Nigerian network providers, in the recent time, introduced the feature of borrowing data from the network when someone was short of data. This means that when you lack data, and you really need to do something urgent, then you can borrow data from the network. Thus, it is important you know how to borrow data from GLO and the code to borrow data from GLO.

Once you use the right code and you are eligible, you’d get your code right away. It does not take time. It can be of great assistance to you especially in cases where you are stranded and short on cash.

Before we get into exploring how to use this code and the right code to use, we are going into the details of GLO. You should get to know all the important details about this awesome network provider.

History of GLO in Nigeria

GLO (Global Communication) network was established in 2003 by Mike Adenuga. It was launched and began operations after MTN and Airtel (as Econet) had already been established in Nigeria. This didn’t deter the founder and the company from establishing itself, and it made serious in-roads into the Nigerian telecommunication sector.

With the data released in 2018, this network provider has come to be bigger than Airtel. It is the second largest network provider in Nigeria, having about 45 million subscribers. This is a great chunk of Nigeria’s telecommunication market share.

GLO is the network provider with the most extensive advertisement campaign and marketing in Nigeria. This network provider does a lot in sponsoring all types of ads, running endorsements, and all sorts. As such, they are always in the faces of the people.

They have also sponsored a lot sports and entertainment events in the country. This is the reason why the network provider is widely used by Nigerians. It is also close to several Nigerian universities and institutions. The company is worth more than $1 billion.

Things you didn’t know about GLO

  •   GLO is the only major network provider in Nigeria fully established and mainly owned by a Nigerian.
  •   The full meaning of GLO is Global. It can go with Global Communication or Global Network.
  •   GLO is the third network provider to begin operations in Nigeria.
  •   GLO is not the only business Mike Adenuga owns.
  •   GLO is also present in some other African countries.

How fast is Browsing with GLO?

GLO can be fast in some areas in Nigeria. However, in some other areas it is not as fast as you would want. GLO covers most parts of Nigeria but it is mostly for calls. Calling with GLO is clear and cool at all times. Browsing is also fast in some major towns, cities, and villages in Nigeria.

How to Borrow Data from GLO

To use the code to borrow data from GLO, you have to be eligible. Thus, there are certain criteria you should pass to be able to borrow data on GLO. These criteria are:

You should be a registered prepaid user of GLO.

You must have been recharging, browsing, and making calls in the last three months.

The level of the amount to be borrowed to you is determined by the amount you use periodically on the network.

You repay the loan when you want to recharge next, and you would be charged 15% of the amount borrowed as interest accrued on the borrowed airtime.

You can use this code to borrow data from GLO: *321#. You dial this code on your phone and send.

The option of the amount of data you want to borrow comes up. You put the amount.

Then, you send.


You can visit GLO website (GLO) to borrow data.


How to borrow data from GLO is not a difficult action to take. You can do it from anywhere, and you have the data sent to your phone. You repay the data whenever you recharge your phone.

You can check GLO website (GLO) for more clarifications.

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