Chief Tony Ifeanyichukwu Ezenna, CEO of Orange Drugs and Company

Orange Drugs and Company is a popular company in Nigeria but some people do not know the man behind the company. In this post, we’ll be revealing great details about this man. We’ll be presenting the biography of Chief Tony Ifeanyichukwu Ezenna, CEO of Orange Drugs and Company.

Biography of Chief Tony Ifeanyichukwu Ezenna, CEO of Orange Drugs and Company

Chief Tony Ezenna was born in Port Harcourt in 1957. He hails from Imo State. After his birth and earliest childhood, his parents moved to Onitsha.
He attended his primary school in Onitsha at Saint David’s Primary School. After primary school, he moved on to the pretigious Christ the King College, Onitsha. While in Christ the King College, his father experienced financial difficulties in his chemist business, and Tony had to drop out of school.

Chief Tony Ezenna joined his father in his business. He was constantly going to the shop, buying and selling, learning the processes. It was after serving his father for some years, and doing well in the business, that his father settled him with $15,0000.

He started his business in a small way by continuing the line of buying and selling in 1988. He called his business, “Orange Drugs.” From there, as the business grew and expanded, he went into importation of drugs himself.

The business expanded the more, and he moved into production of drugs. He also continued to import some of the drugs. From only drugs, he delved into other pharmaceutical products. In 2006, he also went into other related products like medicated soap, creams, body spray, beverages, and many more. His famous product is the “Delta Medicated Soap,” which was more popular in the 2000s.

Even though his business has been doing well and growing steadily since he established it in 1988, it was only in 2001 that he had his first corporate office. What he had overtime where stores where his customers could go buy his products.

He lives a quiet life outside his business. He is into politics like some other CEOs. Aside from the business, he founded Tony Ezenna Foundation to help out the less privileged in education, health services, and others.

Tony Ezenna is happily married with children. He lives in Lagos from where he runs his business.

What is Net Worth of Chief Tony Ifeanyichukwu Ezenna?

The net worth of Chief Tony Ezenna cannot be fully stated. It can be estimated, though. He is worth around $270 million in assets, businesses, and other forms.

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