The Economic Importance of the new State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, Enugu State to Enugu State and its Economy

The Enugu State Government in 2016/2017 began the construction of Igbo-Eno Specialist Hospital with a connecting road to Enugu-Markudi expressway. The specialist hospital later metamorphosized to the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno. In this post, we’ll be looking at all you need to know about this school and the economic importance of State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, Enugu State, to Enugu State, and its economy.

We’ll be dividing these pieces of information about this school into sections. By finishing off these sections, you should know all about the school in details and its economic importance.

All You need to Know about State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, Enugu State

As we had written earlier, we’ll be dividing the part into sections. It is important to note that this university is the 219th university to be established in Nigeria. The university is also one the few medical universities in Nigeria.

Where is State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, Located, and How to get to the School?

The State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, is located in Enugu North senatorial zone (Nsukka) of Enugu State. The land of the school was jointly donated by four communities to the Enugu State Government. These communities are Ovoko, Iheaka, Orba, and Imilike. This is why it is called Igbo-Eno (four Igbo communities).

You can get to the school from Enugu through Abakpa to Opi axis, or from Ninth Mile to Opi axis. From Opi, you drive down to Orba along Enugu-Markudi expressway. At Orba, you stop at Igbo-Eno junction. From Igbo-Eno junction, you can drive straight to the school.

You can also get to the school from Nsukka through Orba Road to Orie-Orba, and then follow the road leading to the school.

In addition you can get to the school from the North by following Markudi to Oturkpo or from Abuja through Lokoja all the way to Enugu-Markudi expressway leading to Obollo-afor. From Obollo-afor, you drive down to Orba.
You stop at Igbo-Eno junction, Orba, and continue the journey from there.

How is the Campus Structured?

The campus was originally structured to be a specialist hospital but was later upgraded to become a university. There are faculty buildings, classes, offices, hostels, the teaching hospitals buildings, and all, on this campus. For now, there are no staff quarters, markets, or others, but it can be added later.

What Services does the University and Teaching Hospital Render?

The foremost service rended by the university is that it is a teaching and specialist hospital with around 200 beds. You can go here for top and tertiary level medical problems.

It is where medical professionals get to study medical and applied sciences courses. It is more of a medical school, though.

There are also other science courses, and the school focuses on more of practical. Thus, the students have practical knowledge of the courses they are studying.

What are the Courses and Faculties in State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno?

There are several medical and applied sciences courses studied in this school. These courses are divided into different faculties. We would be examining some of them here.


1. Anesthesia

2. Chemical Pathology and Morbid Anatomy

3. Community Medicine

4. Psychology Medicine/Psychiatry

5. Dermatology

6. Medical Microbiology

7. Haemathology

8. Pharmacology/Therapeutics

9. Internal Medicine

10. Obstetrics & Gynaecology

11. Opthalmology & Otorhinolaryngology

12. Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery

13. Surgery



14. Human Anatomy

15. Human Physiology

16. Medical Biochemistry

17. Health Sciences

18. Nursing Science

11. Nutrition & Dietetics

12. Medical Laboratory Science

13. Medical Rehabilitation

14. Radiography and Radiation Sciences

15. Physiotherapy & Occupational Health



16. Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry

17. Pharmacology & Toxicology

18. Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

19. Pharmacognosy & Environmental Medicine

20. Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology

21. Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Management



22. Biomedical Engineering

23. Chemical Engineering

24. Mechanical Engineering

25. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

26. Civil Engineering

27. Architecture

28. Quantity Surveying



29. Department of Applied Biological Sciences

30. Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biotechnology

31. Biochemistry

32. Applied Microbiology & Brewing

33. Department of Computer Science

34. Information Communication Technology


How do you apply to State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno?

The first step to getting admitted to this school, especially in the medical and basic health faculties is to write WAEC and NECO O’Level. You should have 6 credits in English, Mathematics, and 4 other sciences subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and more.

You obtain UTME (JAMB) form. You choose the school as your first choice. You should score as high as you can in the UTME exam, most importantly above 200.

You keep tab on the school’s website ( You keep checking when they would release their form for screening. We advise that you keep reading in case the screening process includes an exam.

Once, you’re found to be credible and smart enough, you would be admitted into the school on merit regardless of where you are from. Thus, even if you aren’t from Enugu State, you should consider applying.

What is the School Fees of this School?

The school fees of this school is not made public. However, you should note that the school fees for most of the courses in the school is around 200,000 naira and above.

The Economic Importance of State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, to Enugu State, and its Economy

The economic importance of this new school is enormous. We’d be listing some of them here.

1. More citizens of the state would be enrolled to medical school as the medical quota of UNN and ESUT aren’t enough for the enormous brilliant people from the state.

2. It means the state would have more qualified health professionals, and a better health system.

3. Most of these health professionals would move on to work in other places including outside the country, remiting more money for the state and their families.

4. The school would lift a good number of families from poverty considering the high level of poverty in the state. Young people would be admitted based on merit, and they would go on to work for themselves and their families.

5. The specialist and tertiary hospital is the first of its kind in Enugu North senatorial zone (Nsukka), so it would go on to serve the health needs of the people, and the state. By this way, it will improve the health standard of living of the people and reduce death rate.

6. It will also attract patients from neighboring states of Benue, Kogi, and other states.

7. The hospital and university is a very good avenue for job creation. At the prime of the hospital and university, over 1000 people would be employed to work there as health professionals, lecturers, non-academic staff, and many more.

8. The place would be a good revenue generating area for Enugu State Government.

9. It will improve the economic environment within and around it. There would be increased buying and selling in the place.

10. The hospital, university, and economic activities to go on here would boost the economy of the state. It will be worth over $20 million in it’s prime.


You can try out this school as it is safe, secure, and have good standard. The economic importance of State University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Igbo-Eno, to Enugu State cannot be overemphasized. The school is the brain child of Former Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

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