Cheapest Places to Live in Lagos


Lagos is such an expensive place to live that people get relieved when they hear that there are cheap places to live in Lagos. Of course, there are cheap areas to stay in Lagos. In this post, we’ll be revealing the cheapest places to live in Lagos.

For this list, we’re just going to put the names of areas that are the most affordable to stay in Lagos. Most of these places mentioned here aren’t exactly great infrastructurally; however, you get to afford a place to stay and commute to work in Lagos.

Cheapest Places to Live in Lagos

1. Badagry

Badagry is at the outskirts of Lagos. In fact, it is very far from the city center. Nonetheless, it is a very cheap place to stay, especially if you are working in a place close to the area. The social amenities and public infrastructure here aren’t great at all.

In addition, the road in the area and leading to it is quite poor. However, the cost of living here is very affordable. With 300,000 naira, you have rented a flat. While 80,000 naira can rent a self-contained room for you, and 150,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained.

2. Ojo

Ojo is very close to Badagry. It is closer I the city center than Badagry even. Nonetheless, it shares the same bad infrastructure and social amenities. The roads are bad. The place is congested. There is poor power supply. There is no existence of pipe-borne water supply. It is prone to flooding.

The good thing about this area is that it houses Alaba International Market, Lagos State University, Ojo Military Barracks, Ojo Navy Barracks and is close to important areas like International Trade Fair, FESTAC, Mile 2, and so on.

To get accommodation in this area, you should hold around 300,000 naira to 500,000 naira for a flat. The price depends on the area in Ojo. It also depends on how new the house is.

You should hold 150,000 naira for self-contained room. Then, a budget of 200,000 naira should be made for a room and parlor self-contained.

3. Ikorodu

Ikorodu is as far as Badagry is from the city center or Lagos Island. It’s just that life in Ikorodu is better, and there is availability of better social amenities here. One major disadvantage of living in Ikorodu aside from how far it is is the poor security in the area.

Ikorodu is plagued by bad boys and inadequate security. Aside from this, it is a convenient place. For the accommodation here, you should hold the same amount as suggested for Ojo area.

4. Orile-Ajegunle

This area is notorious for its very poor social amenities and public infrastructure. It is a nasty area. Before the security here was terrible but right now it’s a little bit calmer. It is closer to the city center than other areas mentioned here.

If you are working on the Island and Lekki axis, this is one of the cheapest and closest place to stay. You would only have to grapple with poor standard of living and dirty environment. It is also a good place if you are working in Apapa, and Mile 2 axis.

You should hold the same amount as recommended for Ojo area here. Sometimes, houses here are slightly more expensive than Ojo area, though.

5. Ketu-Mile 12

This is another cheap area you can’t ignore. It is along the way leading to Ikorodu. If you want to consider leaving in Ikorodu, it is better you consider here as it is closer to the Island. You just have to take your budget a bit higher.

The public infrastructure and social amenities aren’t as bad as some of the areas mentioned here. You get to enjoy considerable good and decent standard of living here.

You should hold a budget of around 400,000 naira for a flat here. Then, 250,000 to 280,000 naira should be right for a room and parlor self-contained. Finally, around 170,000 naira should be good for a self-contained room. The fascinating about this area is that the price of foodstuff and food is one the cheapest you would find in the entire Lagos State.


This post has done a good examination of the topic the cheapest places to live in Lagos. You have to go through this, make your own research, before settling for anyway. For someone starting life, moving from the southeast to Lagos, these areas are good places to live while searching for jobs or looking for businesses to start.

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