Top 5 Best and Easy Ways to Make Money with your Smartphone in Nigeria

People are always looking out for the best ways to make money on their smartphones. All the money spent on data cannot go to waste like that. Therefore, you should have to make money with your phone. In this post, we’ll be handling the top 5 best and east ways to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria.

Top 5 Best and Easy Ways to Make Money with your Smartphone in Nigeria

1. Content Creation

It’s no news that content creation is the best and easiest way to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria. You just have to possess a good phone with good RAM and features, especially iPhones and Samsung products. Then, you are good to go.

Content creation is a wide field. You can choose to be an influencer by writing. Or you can shoot videos with your phone and post. For video shooting, you should ensure it is high-class and well-edited before posting.

To gain traction as a content creator might take a lot of time, so it’s expected you remain consistent and choose fixed time and periods to he posting to create a fan base. It’s hard to start but it’s easy once you begin gaining followership.

2. Gaming

This is another good way to make money with your smartphone. For this, you should have a really good phone that is fast and dependable. You should also know how to play games very well.

With this, you can join eSports group, and play games to win. In addition to that, you can also play games and post the videos on YouTube and TikTok. From there, you get fans and people like you. You connect and grow. Through this, you can be invited for international competitions to win good prizes.

3. Blogging/Vlogging

This one is not exactly new in Nigeria that it seems it has become an over-competitive sector; however, you can still make a kill with it so far you are consistent and know what you are doing.

There is still money in this but you must first of all be consistent. You should also learn how best to do it profitably, like every other business, it has hacks and processes. Create amazing and unique contents for this, and you are good to go.

4. Freelancing

This is also another good way to make money for yourself with your smartphone. You can register on Freelancing platforms, especially Nigerian Freelancing platforms. You should stay online constantly to bid for jobs. You deliver the jobs and you get paid.

There are series of services you can render as a Freelancer like writer, translator, graphic designer, beat maker, and so many more. You can try out Nigerian Freelancing platforms such as:

5. E-Commerce

You can also use your smartphone for e-commerce. For this e-commerce I don’t mean just posting on your WhatsApp and Facebook pages and stories, I mean more. You can buy goods cheap and sell them online through ads, too.

You should have pages solely for your business. You post your business contents there. Then, you market your goods and services there as well.


This post has so far examined the top 5 best and easy ways to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria. You should read them and make a choice. The choice you make leads you right.

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