Best Towns and Cities to Relocate to in Nigeria to Start a Successful Small Business

Many Nigerians tend to become confused when they want to set out in their lives to start a small business. The problem of where to go and the type of business to start becomes a problem. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best towns and cities to relocate to in Nigeria to start a successful small business.

Best Towns and Cities to Relocate to in Nigeria to Start a Successful Small Business

You can consider relocating to these cities even if the capital you have to start your business is less than a million naira. You don’t have to fear, your business might end up doing great. Once you move, you do a survey first, business and feasibility analyses, before starting.

1. Kano

For someone seeking to start a profitable small business, Kano is the best option for you. This is because Kano has the needed population, economy, infrastructure, industry, wealth, and most importantly, cost of living in the city is very affordable.

It is a city you can move into and start business right away. You don’t need much capital to start business in the city. You would also not spend much trying to strive in the city.

There are small businesses which would prosper in the city. Businesses like sale of foodstuffs, tailoring, pharmacy, farming, spare parts, building or electrical materials, poultry, retailing of agricultural inputs and implements, and so many more.

2. Kaduna and Zaria

This two cities in one state offers the same features that Kano offers. The difference, though, is that Kano is way more populated than the two cities. However, with low capital you can still set up very successful businesses in these places.

Their population is good. They have good infrastructure. They are also somewhat secure.

The businesses that are good in these places include books and stationaries, farming, pharmacy, animal husbandry, tailoring, retailing of already made clothes, photography and framing, and many more.

3. Maiduguri

Safe for the fact that this city became insecure since 2011, it is and was one of the best places to run a successful small business in Nigeria. It is one of the largest cities in Nigeria. It is cheap and affordable. It is a border city connecting Nigeria to Chad and Cameroon.

In the past, Maiduguri was the headquarters of dried fish business in Nigeria. Till this day, if you want to do dry fish business and to be sending it to other cities in Nigeria, you should consider relocating to Maiduguri.

There are also other businesses you can do in this city like pharmacy, tailoring, selling of clothing materials, sale of already made clothes, books and stationaries, electricals and electronics, phones and accessories, agro inputs and equipment, and many more.

The most important fact to note is that life is very cheap in Maiduguri. Since life is cheap, setting up business in this area is not a difficult step to take at all. You don’t need large capital to start up a business.

4. Jos

This is another cheap place to do business in Nigeria. It is also well located as such that being in this city, you are close to most of the important cities in Nigeria like Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Makurdi, Lokoja, and so on.

For this place, you can start a wide range of businesses. While starting a business, you should endeavor to stay away from areas that are easily prone to violence. The city is a violent one, and doing business here you have to be smart to avoid getting your business damaged.

There are small businesses you can do here like building and electrical materials, sale of clothing materials, electronic and electricals, production of agro-allied items, production of alcoholic drinks, pharmacy, books and stationaries, and so on.

5. Nsukka

Nsukka is an underrated area that Nigerians don’t know you can stay to start a successful small business. Due to its location as the gateway to Northern Nigeria from the southeast, there are lots of businesses you can start here with small budget and prosper. The area is fast developing, and the needed population is there.

These businesses include production of agro-allied items, palm oil and honey sale, pharmacy, textiles and tailoring, event planning and foods, and so many more.


Having read this post, you should be have known the best towns and cities to relocate to in Nigeria to start a successful small business. You make your own research and make a choice after reading the post.

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