Best Places to Live in Yenegoa

Yenegoa is the capital city of Bayelsa State. It is in a riverine area. It is a nice place to live for people who love aquatic animals because you would find a lot of them there. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Yenogoa.

Aside from the aquatic lives there, Yenegoa is a fast developing city, and it is serene and neat. It is also an oil-rich city, so you can easily get work in oil and gas sector here.

Best Places to Live in Yenegoa

1. Kpansia

This is at the center of the city. It is safe from floods as floods are reoccurring issues in Yenegoa. It is secure, too. There is good power supply, and good road network.

The disadvantage of this area is that the cost of living is high. You would have to keep a budget of 350,000 naira to rent a self-contained room. For a complete flat, you should hold 780,000 naira and above. In addition, you should keep 500,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained.

You also have to note that in this area, the power, light, water bill, and even prices of basic things are expensive.

2. Agudama

This is another good place to live in Yenegoa. It is cheaper than Kpansia. The location of this place is not that central, and you won’t find all the social amenities you need like listed in Kpansia. Nonetheless, it has a good number of them, and you can survive here easily. It is safe as well.

You can get a self-contained room here for 300,000 naira or slightly cheaper. A room and parlor self-contained goes for around 420,000 naira or slightly cheaper. You should be able to get a complete flat here for around 700,000 naira or cheaper.

3. Edepie

This area is another good area. The security here is average. The social amenities present here are average as well. It is more of an affordable place when compared to Kpansia.

To live here or secure accommodation here, you would have to hold the budgets ascribed to Agudama.

4. Opolo Expressway

This place is a wide area, and this is what makes it good because you can get a wife range of houses with different costs. You would get the affordable and non-affordable ones. The area is good place as well with some of the basic amenities, and considerable good road network.

To live here, you need to hold around 280,000 naira for self-contained room. You should keep 400,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained. In addition, around 650,000 naira should be enough to rent a complete flat.

5. Akenpai

Akenpai is a good area to stay in Yenegoa. Its location in the city is great. The social amenities present here are average. It is averagely secure.

To rent an accommodation here, you need to hold the budgets stated for Opolo Expressway as the cost of living in the two areas are similar.


The areas mentioned in this post are the best places to live in Yenegoa. Yenegoa is an awesome developing city. It is the capital city of Bayelsa. You would enjoy the air, the aquatic feel, beaches, water, and acquatic lives here.

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