All you need to Know about Maduka University and Maduka University College, Ekwegbe, Enugu

Around 2019/2020, residents of Enugu and Nsukka began to notice the clearing of land and building of structures at Agu-Ekwegbe. This cleared land is located along Enugu-Nsukka new expressway. This land belongs to Samuel Maduka Onyishi, CEO of Peace Mass Transit. He bought the land to build a school. In this post, we’ll be looking at all you need to know about Maduka University and Maduka University College, Ekwegbe, Enugu.

Maduka University and Maduka University College are the brainchild of Chief Samuel Maduka Onyishi, CEO of Peace Mass Transit. He named the school after himself. While being interviewed about the school, he said he got the idea of the school as sort of legacy he would be leaving for future generations.
In this article, there are other things you need to know about this school sitting on over 300 hectares of land. At the point of completion, this school won’t be only a citadel where people go to learn, it will also be an economically viable community.

Now, let’s get down to the details.


All you need to Know about Maduka University and Maduka University College, Ekwegbe, Enugu

Each of the different pieces of information you need to know about this school and its community would be broken down into parts in this section.

Who is the Owner of Maduka University College and Maduka University, Ekwegbe, Enugu?

It is owned by Chief Samuel Maduka Onyishi, CEO of Peace Mass Transit.

Where is the School Located?

Maduka University College and Maduka University are located at Agu-Ekwegbe, Igbo-etiti Local Government Area, Enugu State. It is along the new Nsukka-Enugu road. You can get to the school from Abakpa axis of Enugu city, and from Opi axis of Nsukka.

When was the School Established?

The mapping and construction of the university and university college started around 2019. Maduka University College kicked off its first academic session and admitted the first set of students in 2022. Maduka University started out sometime later.

What Type of Educational System and Curriculum is the School Using?

The Maduka schools pride themselves as the first entrepreneurial-focused insistutions in Nigeria. Thus, learners would be taught with the mindset of being self-employed and business owners.

The schools state that their learners would be taught to be creative, enterprising, and self-reliant. Unlike other schools where students end up searching for jobs, students of Maduka schools would be taught how to start up businesses.

What is the Vision and Mission of the School?

To provide excellent educational opportunities in the frontiers of knowledge and application of innovative and creative technologies to industry, business and entrepreneurship that are transformative and responsive to the needs and challenges of the local and global society and for the Glory of God.

What is the Motto of the School?

Knowledge for Self-Reliance, Development and Service to God.

In addition, as you should have noted there is the secondary school arm, and the the university arm. The secondary school is Maduka University College that admits secondary school students to JSS1 and SS1 classes.

The university school is Maduka University. It admits students into Year One for the different courses offered in the school. These courses are under different faculties known as schools.
We’ll be breaking down these schools, faculties, and courses in the next section.

What are the Schools, Faculties, and Courses offered in Maduka University?


1. B.Sc. Software Engineering

2.B.Sc. Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

3. B.Sc. Computational Modelling and Data Analytics

4. B.Sc. Electrical and Systems Engineering

5.B.Sc Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering

6. B.Sc. Computer Science and Informatics

7. B.Sc. Civil Engineering

8. B.Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

9. B.Sc. Physics and Robotics Automation

10. B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering.

11. B.Sc. Bio-Resources Engineering

12. B.Sc. Energy Systems Engineering

13. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

14. B.Sc. Oil and Gas Engineering

15. B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

16. B.Sc. Architecture and Building Information Management


17. LL.B. Commercial and Property Law

18. LL.B. Public and Private Law

19. LL.B. International Law & Jurisprudence

20. B.A Criminal Justice

21. B.A Paralegal Studies

22. B.A Music, Creative and Visual Arts

23. B.A History, Heritage and Tourism Studies

24. B.A. Peace and Conflict Studies

25. B.A. Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies


26. B.Sc. Communication and Multi Media Studies

27. B.Sc. Advertising and Marketing Communications

28. B.Sc. Event Management

29. B.Sc. Social and Digital Marketing

30. B.Sc. Design Studies

31. B.Sc. Journalism

32. B.Sc. Film Studies


33. B.Sc. Security and Intelligence Studies

34. B.Sc. Social Work and Community Development

35. B.Sc. Public Safety and Disaster Management

36. B.Sc. GeoInformation and Estate Management

37. B.Sc. e-Commerce and Marketing

38. B.Sc. International Business

39. B.Sc. Human Relations and Talent Management

40. B.Sc. Accounting

41. B.Sc. Transportation Systems

42. B.Sc. Economics and Development Studies

43. B.Sc. Information Systems

44. B.Sc. Policy Studies and Administration

45. B.Sc. Political Science and International Relations

46. B.Sc. Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Management

47. B.ED. Primary Education and Child Development

48. B.ED. Gender Studies and Cultural Diversity Education

49. B.ED. Educational Technology

50. B.ED. Science Education

51. B.ED. Computer Education


52. B.Sc. Microbiology

53. B.Sc. Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition

54. B.Sc. Environmental Biology

55. B.Sc. Forensic Science

56. B.Sc. Environmental Informatics

57. B.Sc. Biotechnology

58. B.Sc. Molecular Biology and Genetics

59. B.Sc. Bio-Chemistry


60. B.Sc. Physiology

61. B.Sc. Anatomy

62. B. Sc Human Nutrition & Dietetics

63. B.MLS (Medical Laboratory Science)

64. MBBS; Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

65. B.Sc. Nursing

66. B.Sc. Physiotherapy

67. B.Sc. Medical Imaging

68. Pharm. D. Pharmacy


69. B.Sc. Bio-entrepreneurship and extension services

70. B.Sc. Environmental Bio-Technology

71. B.Sc. Agribusiness

72. B.Sc. Irrigation and Green House Technology

73. B.Sc. Bio-Resources

74. B.Sc. Agronomy

75. B.Sc. Aquaculture

76. B.Sc. Food Science and Technology,

77. B.Sc. Animal Science

78. B.Sc Organic Agriculture and Food Systems

How is the University Campus Structured?

Maduka University campus is siting on over 300 hectares of land. It is going to be run in such a way that it is more of a community that is self-reliant. Thus, there are going to be a wide range of structures in the capmpus.

There would be the existence of

Faculty Buildings and Classes

Academic and Non-academic staff members’ offices


Laboratories and workshops



Sporting Facilities

Eateries and Refectories

Hotel and Resorts close to the Lake in the school environment

Water Borehole

Staff Quarters, and many more.

Therefore the school would be self-reliant, and would be a bubbling economic community on its own.
There would be several workshops in the school to teach the students technical and entrepreneurial skills to use and become entrepreneurs after graduation.

What is the School Fees of Maduka University College and Maduka University?

The school doesn’t disclose the school fees at this moment. You should note, though, that it is a non-profit school at the moment. All the money charged as school is channelled towards maintenance of the school, payment of workers, and other expenses.

Nonetheless, you should get your mind set that the school is around 350,000 to 500,000 naira for secondary school student.

The university students pay way above 400,000 naira.

What is the Total Worth of the Maduka University Community?

The school and its community is worth more than $70 million.


These are all you need to know about Maduka University and Maduka University College, Ekwegbe, Enugu. It is a good school that would reposition your ward to become creative, self-reliant, and an entrepreneur. You won’t make a make enrolling him or her there. The university community is a large and enterprising one as well.

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