Best Places to Live in Bonny


Bonny is an island in Rivers State. It is widely known for the presence of one of Nigeria’s foremost petroleum companies, NLNG. It is the NLNG that gives life to this island as they run their oil and gas operation from this island. The company makes provision for the social amenities there, and improves the standard of living. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Bonny.

In Bonny, the standard of living there is great because there is constant power supply 24/7 in most areas there. There is water supply. There is security.

However, to get to this place you would have to enter a boat and take around 30 minutes getting there. It is somewhat close to Port Harcourt. In addition, the cost of living here is high.

Best Places to Live in Bonny

1. NLNG Residential Area

We had stated before that Bonny island is run mostly by the NLNG. They have their own residential area on the island, and they supply water and constant light to the island.

When you are employed by NLNG, you’ll automatically stay in their residential area. Their residential area is fully secure, well-planned, with good road network. Of course, there are all social amenities available.
Here, the company knows how you would pay for the accommodation and services. People moving to Bonny that aren’t employed by NLNG should know that they can’t stay here.

2. Fininma

This is the second best area to stay in Bonny. It is more organized and secure than other parts of Bonny. You should consider here staying here if you are moving to Bonny, and you aren’t an employee of NLNG. Of course, the cost of living there is high.

To rent a flat here, you would have to keep a budget of 850,000 naira and above. Some of the flats here cost more than 1 million naira annually. A self-contained room can go for around 400,000 naira. A room and parlor self-contained can go for around 550,000 naira and above.

In addition to that, food prices are expensive. The water, power, and other bills are expensive. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about water or power like someone living in other parts of Nigeria. The road network in this side of Bonny is considerably good as well.

The important thing for staying here is that you live an easy life. It is good to stay here if you do foreign jobs remotely, and you are well-paid.


The two places mentioned are the best places to live in Bonny Island. There are also other areas to live in this island but the standard of living in those areas aren’t great due to the nature of houses there and how unsecure they are.

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