BATocracy: How Tinubu’s Tenure as Nigerian President will look like?

Nigerians, on the 1st of March 2023, had already known that Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be their President. Most Nigerians had started to adjust to the realities of having him as Nigeria’s president. In this article, we’ll be looking at how Tinubu’s tenure as Nigerian President will look like? How is he going to perform?

To be able to do this, we had to revisit his manifesto, which he called Renewed Hope 2023. In this manifesto, he had made a lot of promises to Nigerians. We’ll be studying some of these promises, studying them in the light that he would achieve some of them. He can’t do all, though.

We’ll be pinpointing the vital ones. Of course, it is not possible that he goes through with all of them.

How Tinubu’s Tenure as Nigerian President will look like?

1. Continuation of Buhari’s Nigeria Social Intervention Programs like NPower, School Feeding, NTeach, Money Transfer for the most vulnerable and the poorest.

2. Improvement in oil and gas exploration and exportation. Deals would be struck with host communities for increase in oil and gas export.

3. Light structural and political restructuring. There’ll be improved Federalism as states and local governments would have more access to funds to enable development get closer to the people.

4. Agricultural expansion and better life for Nigerian farmers. Policies would be enacted to improve Agriculture output and usage of land from 35% to 65%. Agricultural boards shall be instituted to put minimum prices so as to make farmers gain and live better.

5. Better security network and architecture. There shall be procurement of instruments for the military and police. Massive employment of capable people. The use of modern gadgets and more.

6. The Nigeria’s manufacturing industry shall be developed further. Companies shall be given incentives to start production in Nigeria. Heavy reliance on importation shall be fought against.

7. The health sector will be more equiped. Rights of the citizens to universal healthcare shall be respected. National healthcare insurance shall be instituted and enforced.

8. Creative industries in Nigeria would be assisted and promoted.

9. Education would be prioritized. Good allocation will go to basic education. For tertiary institutions, they shall be independent, and loans offered to students.

10. In the power sector, attention shall be given to the improvement of power generation and distribution of power supply in the country. There will be a strict frown against estimated billing.

11. Aside from improved Federalism, the economic advantage of each region shall be harnessed. In North West and East, textile industry would be boosted. In North Central, mining of solid minerals would be encouraged. For South West, production of glass and clay-linked materials would receive a boost. The Southeast and South South would see a boost in the sector of labor-focused crafts and production.

12. The transportation and haulage sector of the country would be worked on such as several railway network like Lagos to Calabar, Benin to Abakiliki, Port Harcourt to Maiduguri, Kano to Maradi, and many more. The failing existing road network will be worked on. Nigerian ports, especially those in the South South, would be worked on.

13. For Youth Empowerment, the Tech industry, Creative, and other industries of the youth would be give a boost. There’ll be training hubs for interested youth entrepreneurs. There’d be skill training hubs, too. CBN and other credit institutions would be mandated to prioritize giving credit to youths. This will reduce the rate of unemployment among the youth.

14. Women would also be empowered like the youth in terms of training, credit provision, and many more. A good percentage of appointment positions would be reserved for women and youth.

15. The act of use of credit facilities and taking loans shall be encouraged among Nigerians. This means Nigerians can take mortgage to own homes; they can take loans to go to school; they can easily take loans to start business, and many more. It will reduce corruption, and eliminate lack.

16. For Nigeria’s monetary policy under his government, the naira and dollar would be allowed to float. Thus, there won’t be much protection of the naira as it has been done by previous government. His government will prioritize putting a limit for government’s expenditure.

You should note that aside from the ones mentioned above, there are also other promises made by Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his manifesto.

By reading this, you should know what to expect from Tinubu’s government. He is coming at a time when Nigeria owes lot of money, and virtually almost all the country’s revenue goes to service the debt.

With Nigeria’s large debt, and decaying infrastructure, poor security, lack of national cohesion, and many more, would he be able to deliver?

Our Verdict and Conclusion

How Tinubu’s Tenure as Nigerian President will look like should not be a mystery after this article. Of course, you should expect an improvement from the below average performance of President Buhari. Nonetheless, with the hydra-head issues dealing with Nigeria, Tinubu can’t do much, and his further incapacitated by his health and mental status.

His government would focus on social intervention programs, create jobs, try to boost the economy, provide security, tackle food shortage, and many more. It won’t be an easy task. The struggling world economy and Nigeria’s heavy debt would serve as big limitations.
How do you think Tinubu’s government would perform? Drop your thoughts.

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