Best Places to Live in Lagos


Lagos is the center of commerce in Nigeria. It is where most Nigerians aspire to be due to the city’s status as the economic capital of Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be looking at the idea of the best places to live in Lagos putting into consideration, a wide range of factors.

The factors we are to consider is what areas in Lagos are good to live in when you think about frequency of power supply, good road network, security, proximity to important places, and many more? Where do you get the comfort you need in Lagos?

If you are a southeastern person, and you are moving to Lagos, and you have the funds, this list is for you. These places listed here would give you great value for your money.

Best Places to Live in Lagos

1. Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos State. It is very much underrated. This is because this area has the International and Local airports, the seat of government, government offices, army and police barracks, and many more. From here, you can easily go to anywhere in Lagos, and in Nigeria as well. There are many companies here as well for job seekers.

There is good power supply, good road network, water supply, security, and many more. In addition, it is not prone to floods like most parts of Lagos. It can only experience flash floods. Ikeja has good weather as well. There are popular markets here like Computer Village.

The negative aspect of here is that it is expensive. To rent a flat here, you need to keep a budget of around 1.2 million naira and above. You could see for less, though, but that would be in the undesirable sections. For a self-contained room, 500,000 naira should be enough. A room and parlor self-contained can go for about 750,000 naira.

Aside from the cost of rent, the light, water, transportation, food, and other bills here are very expensive.

2. Ikoyi

This area takes the second spot. It is where the elites of the elites stay. It is close to Lagos Island, and the heart of Lagos. It is where the Europeans stayed and handed over to Nigerians. The area is secure, so organized, classy, and close to important places. One good thing about living here is that you get to connect with the elites of Nigeria.

There are great social amenities and public infrastructure here. The disadvantages of this area is that it is too expensive and it is prone to flooding. You would pay a lot to encounter floods at some points of the year.

A whooping budget of over 2 million naira should get you a flat here. A self contained room can go as high as 800,000 naira. Lastly, 1.3 million should get you a room and parlor self-contained.

3. Lekki-Ajah Axis

This area is close to Ikoyi place, too. It is on the island part of Lagos. It is cheaper than Ikoyi. However, here, you experience more flooding, less security, and poorer infrastructure and social amenities. Let’s simply put Ikoyi is for the elites while Lekki-Ajah is for the upper and lower middle class.

A budget of 1.5 million and above should get you a flat here. While a budget of 900,000 naira should get you a room and parlor self-contained. A budget of 700,000 naira should be enough for a self-contained room.

4. Surulere

Surulere is a wide area in Lagos. The good thing about here is that the rich and the comfortable people can live here. It is averagely affordable. In addition, it is close to most parts of Lagos. You can go to anywhere in Lagos easily from here.

You should note that of all the places mentioned here, this place suffers most from lack of public infrastructure and social amenities. Notwithstanding this, it is not cheap at all. To rent a good apartment here, you should keep the budget recommended for Ikeja.

5. FESTAC/Amuwo-Odofin

This area is a middle class and middle income area. This does not remove the aspect of the place lacking good infrastructure and social amenities unlike the first three areas mentioned here.

Here, the power supply is poor, and there is no water supply. You would have to construct that in your own house. In addition, the roads are bad. Nonetheless, it is better than most places in Lagos, and you can get to anywhere in Lagos easily from FESTAC/Amuwo-Odofin, especially the Island.

To rent a place here, you should hold the same budget as ascribed for Ikeja.


The best places to live in Lagos have been duly analysed here. You should hold on firmly to these pieces of information and they would be a good guide for you. Lagos is a stressful place to stay already so getting where would ease the stress is a good one.

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