5 Businesses you can Start with 5K and 10K in Nigeria

Many Nigerians are assuming that 5K and 10K naira are very small amounts of money. Are they? These Nigerians don’t know that there are Nigerians who are not fortunate enough, and they only have these amounts to use to start up something. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 businesses you can start with 5K and 10K in Nigeria.

5 Businesses you can Start with 5K and 10K in Nigeria

1. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad moves very well in urban areas of Nigeria, especially student and civil servant areas. They are the ones who know the value of fruit salad.

You don’t need much stuffs to start. You can secure an area where you pay 200 naira per day in a busy location. You collect knife, basins, bowls, and table from house. Then, you are good to go.

You only have to buy the fruits, milk, honey, and other stuffs. You can buy them in small quantities for a start, and as business improves, you increase it.

It’s a profitable venture that can make up to 3,000 naira daily profit for you if you are in a nice location.

2. Engine Oil Business

If you stay in a place where there are lots of bikes, you can get a table from home or lend it from anywhere, get a busy location, and begin to sell engine oil. You should ensure you sell the original one.

Of course, you sell it in small quantities for buyers like 300, 500, and co. You can conveniently start this business with 5K and 10K. In a busy location, you can make profit of 2K daily in the prime of the business.

3. Land and House Agent

You don’t really need much money to be a land and house agent. First thing first, you should have a smart phone, and be very close to people, and popular.

You should make friends in the business. Get information on the houses and lands that are on sale. You should belong to Facebook groups, be on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media pages. There, you can get some of the clients you need.

For this business, once you close deals constantly, and collect mobilization fee, you are sure to get good amount of money.

4. Bole and Yam Roasting Business

This is a business you can start with 10K and it would move if you are in a busy location in urban areas. We assume that you have pots before going into it, so the 10K would be to buy the foodstuff and charcoal.

As a small starter, you can borrow a table and a charcoal stove. It’s a very profitable business if you are in an area where there is population, and it moves. You can be making over 2,000 naira gain daily.

5. Freelancing

You can be a freelancer with little or no capital so far you have a smartphone and/or laptop. You just have to be connected to where you can source for jobs.

When you see call for jobs, you apply to write for these clients. After writing, you are paid. It takes no time.

This one can be profitable based on how often you get jobs.


In this post, we have been able to deal with 5 businesses you can start with 5K and 10K in Nigeria. You just have to go through the list presented here, reason critically before making a choice. Some of the businesses on this list can be very profitable.

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