How to Start a Successful Keke Business in Nigeria with 2 Million Naira


Keke business, otherwise known tricycle business, is a business that is moving very fast in Nigeria. It is a business you can start at the moment and make good returns. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to start success Keke business in Nigeria with 2 million naira.

At the onset when Keke were being imported into Nigeria, it was ver affordable to buy Keke. Same cannot be said now. To get good Keke product to buy, one has to hold a budge of over 1.2 million naira. There are reports that in some places in Nigeria, Keke is being sold for as high as 1.8 million naira.

Thus, it is save to say that you should keep a budget of 2 million naira if you intend doing a success Keke business. In this post, we’ll be sharing with you tips of how to make it a success. We are also going to lay down a process where you can grow from just one Keke to a good number.

Tips on How to Start a Successful Keke Business in Nigeria with 2 Million Naira

1. You should keep the budget of 2 million naira first if you want to be successful in this business. However, if it is fairly used Keke you intend buying, then you should keep a budget of a million naira and above.

2. After buying the Keke, you would buy the papers and register the Keke under the government. You will also use some money to do some fixing.

3. Before buying any Keke, fairly used it not, you should go along with a trusted mechanic who would cross check the Keke. This can be waived if the vendor you are buying from is a very reliable person or business.

4. It is better you ride your Keke by yourself. We advise against buying Keke to hand over to a driver. No. You should ride it yourself.

Nonetheless, if you can’t ride it yourself and you need another source of income, you can give it to someone you trust. Someone who is reliable. Before giving it to this person, you should ensure you guys sign agreement with a lawyer.

You can give it to the person as hired purchase or for daily delivery. We encourage you to give it for hired purchase. For instance, if you obtain the Keke for 1.5 million naira including the papers and all, you can tell the person to deliver 2.4 million in 20 months. As such, you have the gain of 900,000 naira.

This is far better than daily report and money submission as it leads to failure.

5. While riding or giving it to the person, inform the person to stay off bad roads and ride carefully. If the person is rough, please collect the vehicle from him or her.

You can sign an agreement with the person that in case the Keke is lost to an avoidable accident, he would pay the full amount of the Keke.

6. You should register the Keke in locations where there are lots of passengers. You should gun at making an income of 5,000 naira daily before you say you are doing well. In some cases, you should look at the possibility of making around 10,000 naira daily.

7. Keke parts are expensive to buy and replace. Therefore, you should be careful while you are riding. The damage it suffers can be devastating for your finances.

8. The good time you can focus on to get passengers are in the morning rush hours from 6 am to 9 am. Then, you should look at the evening rush hours of 4 pm to 9 pm. The school run rush hour should also be put into consideration, from 1 pm to 4 pm.

It ha not as if you shouldn’t be serious at other times. Nonetheless, you have to be more committed around this time.

9. Aside from the urban areas, you should consider plying market areas and crowded areas in rural areas. You will get good amount of money from here carrying villagers to the market. You also get good amount of money carrying farm produce.

10. If you don’t know how to drive, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can learn from an expert before you buy. While learning, learn it properly and fully, get to know all the traffic regulations and how to drive.


The question of how to start a successful Keke business in Nigeria with 2 Million Naira shouldn’t be an issue to you after reading this. The business is not a bad one to start. It is profitable, and good.

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