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Best Places to Buy Good Palm Oil in Nigeria


Palm oil is a vital edible product in Nigeria. Most Nigerians use it in making their meals, and this is the reason why this product is a hot cake anywhere in Nigeria, especially in the south. In the present day, getting to know which areas in Nigeria you can buy good palm oil is a daunting task. In this post, we’ll be examining best places to buy good palm oil in Nigeria.

Best Places to Buy Good Palm Oil in Nigeria

1. Nsukka and Enugu

The Nsukka area of Enugu State are known for having one of the best produced palm oil in Nigeria. It will give you the taste, scent, and color that you would need in a meal. It is because of this that Nsukka palm oil costs more than the regular Nigerian palm oil.

Nonetheless, the price of the palm oil is worth the value. Using Nsukka palm oil in your food will you the right taste and all. It also serves you as a little amount you put in your food can stand in for the large amount you would have put if you are using the oil of other areas in Nigeria.

You can get this oil in bulk or cheaper by traveling to Nsukka area of Enugu State. You have to note that these people take the longer and more ethical process in production this is why their oil comes out better.

The other parts of Enugu State, too, produce good palm oil.

2. Abakiliki and Ebonyi

The next good palm oil is Abakiliki area palm oil. It has a good taste, look, and feel. Like Nsukka’s oil, it is hard to see counterfeit palm oil in Abakiliki and Ebonyi markets. The production process is good as well.

To get this oil in bulk and at cheaper price, you should travel to Abakiliki area of Ebonyi State. You should also note that the other areas of Ebonyi State produce good palm oil.

3. Imo

This is another good place to get your edible palm oil. The taste is good enough for your meals. One factor that is good about Imo palm oil is that they are cheaper than the oil from the two areas mentioned above. However, they aren’t as good as that of these places.

Notwithstanding this, you would get good value for your money buying Imo palm oil.

4. Igala area of Kogi

A few parts of Igala Kingdom in Kogi State, who produce palm oil, do it in a good way like that of Nsukka area in Enugu State. Thus, you are sure to get good oil here. The good news is that since their oil isn’t so valued like of Nsukka area, you would get it cheaper.

You should note that they take the same processing procedure in harvesting and producing their palm oil. You can get their palm oil in any major market and towns in Igala Kingdom.

5. Abia

This is a good place to get cooking palm oil as well. This state produces palm oil in commercial quantity, and good quality as well. You are sure to get good one here. It is also somewhat cheaper.


Presented in this post is the topic of best places to buy good palm oil in Nigeria. Thus, if you are looking for good palm oil that meets the need of your food, you should consider buying from these places. The oil would give you a taste that you would never forget.

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