5 Best Areas and Places to Buy Profitable and Valuable Lands in Nigeria


There are areas and places you would buy land, and you would be sure of making good gain. It’s not all places you buy land in Nigeria that you get good return or increase in value like you would want. There are special places that would give you this. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best areas and places to buy profitable and valuable land in Nigeria.

5 Best Areas and Places to Buy Profitable and Valuable Lands in Nigeria

1. Lagos

Lagos is the number 1 for various reasons. One, Lagos is a large area, and almost the entire state of Lagos is developed. Therefore, you can practically buy land anywhere.

However, there are areas in Lagos that give good return when you buy land from them like Lekki-Ajah area, Epe, Surulere, Alagbado, Ikorodu central, and so on. When buying land in Lagos, buy in the areas that have good prospects.

Then, if you are an elite, or you have good amount of money, you can buy land in top profitable and valuable places that you know there would be 100% increase in value in 3 years. Areas such as Lekki, Banana Island, FESTAC, Maryland Ikeja, Ikoyi, and so many more.

You have to be careful about Lagos when buying land. Go through a reliable source, and verify. You should endeavor to involve a lawyer in the purchasing process.

2. Abuja

This is the second most valuable city to buy land as an asset in Nigeria. Like Lagos, there are chances that the value of your land would rise by 100% in 3 to 5 years, especially if you buy in hot areas like Maitama, Asokoro, and Gwarinpa.

Abuja is so good that you can also make great money if you buy land in the outskirts like Kubwa, Zuba, Gwagwalada, and so on. You should know your budget, and know the best places for you.

Meanwhile, why trying to purchase land, check the city plan, and get approvement from FCT. They will be the one to determine how safe the land is, and if it is not against the city’s plan.

3. Enugu

Enugu is in southeast Nigeria. It is where you can make a good return on your land if you buy it. The city has a fast developing real estate sector, and it is always expanding.

Here, you can make 100% increase in the value of your land in 5 to 10 years depending on the location. If you have good money, then consider buying lands in the areas of Independence Layout, New Layout, New Haven, Ogui, GRA, and Trans Ekulu. Ogui is the best place to buy since it is the business area.

The people who have modest income can buy in Abakpa, Emene, some parts of Trans Ekulu, and Awkunanaw. There is nowhere you would buy land in Enugu city that it won’t appreciate much.

4. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is an oil rich city, and for the next 10 years, it will continue to be so. Therefore, you are always sure of making good return on your investment if you buy land anywhere in the city. You can use your land to build anything and it would be valuable to be resold.

As we would advise, depending on how you have money, you can buy in the central area or in the outskirts. However, if you intend to make more profit on your land, buying in the central areas would be better.

5. Ogun State

This state is highly underrated. For those who don’t have money to buy land in good places in Lagos, buying in Ogun State can be a good option, especially areas closer to Lagos like Agbara and Sango-eto.

These places in Ogun are very cheap. You can buy here, and in 6 – 15 years, your land would rise to more than 100% in value. In addition, for those interested in agriculture and production, you should consider buying cheap lands in rural areas in Ogun State. The state is one of the places you can get the cheapest rural lands in Nigeria.

Just like in Lagos, you should ensure you are careful while buying land. Use the services of the people your trust fully. You should endeavor to mark your land, or fence it, and collect certificate of occupancy from the state government.


These areas and places mentioned in thos post are indeed the good places to buy land in Nigeria. So far, this post has presented the best areas and places to buy profitable and valuable lands in Nigeria.

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