The Salary Structure of Chevron Employees and How to Get Employed in the Company


A lot of Nigerians’ ears would twiggle or light up when they hear there are vacancies in oil companies. A good majority of Nigerians would love to work in oil companies. Chevron is one of the top oil companies in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be examined the salary structure of Chevron employees.

You should know that the likeness Nigerians have for working in oil companies is justified because oil companies pay better than regular Nigerian companies. Therefore, we would also encourage you to seek for employment in oil companies. It’s a good fight worth fighting.

However, before we go on to reveal the salary structure of this oil company let’s take a lot at common questions which would guide you as you apply.

Who is Chevron ?

Chevron is an oil company operating in Nigeria. The company is owned by American citizens mostly with its headquarters in Sam Ramon, California. The company began operation and oil drilling in Nigeria in 1963.

The company didn’t do full operations until after the Nigerian Civil War in 1967. Since then the company has continued to expand and progress. In it’s history of operations in Nigeria, it has been acquired, shares sold and resold, and experienced lots of changes before it settled for the “Chevron” name.

This day, the company is one of the most valuable companies in Nigeria.

How to Get Employed in Chevron?

Those looking for jobs in Chevron are much. It is a very competitive firm to get. Thus, before seeking to work here, you must do your home work well. You should research the recruiting procedures and requirements.

The company recruits on merit, and they always recruit the best applicants. Therefore, you should have good SSCE, and degree or HND results. It is a great added advantage if a person has a master’s degree certificate in the field he is applying for. In addition, it is also an important advantage if the person has experience of 2 to 5 years while still within the age gap needed for the job.

If your results isn’t that good you are screened out. You apply online whenever they call for applications.

After screening, the successful ones are invited for test and interview. Ensure you read and practice before the test and screening. You are to read everything about the field of oil and gas, the field or position you’re applying for, the details and functionalities of the company, and then your course of study.

Questions can come from anywhere. Questions relating to your reasoning and calculating skills would be asked. You should do well to perform high in the test and interview. Some time after this process, the successful candidates would be hired, trained, and deployed to their work locations.

Now, when you are employed, how much are you to expect as salary?

The Salary Structure of Chevron Employees

There are different positions in this company. We can’t list all but we would list the major and most common ones. From here, you should know what to expect as someone hired by this company. The payment is graded according to your position, experience, and rank. Some positions, experience acquired, and rank, are paid higher than others.

1. Engineers

The engineers who are employed in this company, and are somewhat experienced receive a good amount of money. They are paid according to the level of their experience. You should know that the average salary received by engineers in Chevron, who are mostly the highest paid in the company, is around 22 million naira annually.

The engineers are charged with different forms of duty. It is not only Petroleum and Gas Engineers or Chemical Engineers that the company needs, sometimes, the company needs other courses in Engineering field. You should always check check out for engineering job vacancies, and it might just be your field.

You can check this by checking out Chevron’s site (, or other job vacancies platform.

2. Geo Scientists

Geo scientists are also needed by Chevron. They are the ones responsible for searching out the earth ground and core for crude oil and other resources location. Their jobs are necessary for the company. The only thing is that most of the jobs available for this field might be on contract.

These people aren’t paid as high as engineers in the firm. They are paid about 18 million to 20 million naira annually.

3. Other Professions

The other professions needed in the firm are paid somewhat less than the two disciplines mentioned earlier. These professions include chemist, biochemist, physicist, HR and admin, secretary, economist, accountant, IT personnel, quality control officer, and so on.

These one are paid around 18 million or less annually. Even though it is lower than that of engineers and geo scientists, it is still a good pay when you check what other firms pay to this discipline.


This is the salary structure of Chevron employees. You should note that the amount stated here includes the basic salary of the jobs and all allowances. So, it is justifiable. In addition, you should note that out of this amount, you will be taxed over 20% by the government.

Working in Chevron, you get raise in the company for every four years.

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