Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria (Courses you Shouldn’t study in Nigeria)


Due to the number of students denied admission to Nigerian universities yearly, a large number of students are often pushed from their desired courses to different less desirable courses. If you are a Jambite, you should know that admission will always come, and thus, you shouldn’t just study any course that’s given to you. In this post, we’ll be writing about the worst courses to study in Nigeria (courses you shouldn’t study in Nigeria).

The criteria we used to selecting the courses on this list vary. From the little employment opportunities out there for you after graduation to how time consuming they are to limitations in studying them, you need to know that these courses aren’t worth wasting time to study in the university.

Now, let’s take a look.

Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria (Courses you Shouldn’t study in Nigeria)

1. Religion and Cultural Studies

We don’t advise you to study religion if you don’t have intentions of being a pastor or imam. There are little or no opportunities for you out there. You can even hardly find job as a teacher. So, it’s a no no. You shouldn’t study Religion in the university even if you ar given the course.

2. Botany and Plant Science

Except you want to be a lecturer or researcher or business owner, you have no idea studying Botany and Plant Science in school. There are very little prospects for this course. You’ll just waste your time for both.

3. Sociology and Anthropology

In Nigeria today, there is little use of this course. You can only be accepted to work with the Nigeria Armed Forces or as a government worker. Aside these, you’ll find it hard securing a job.

4. Zoology

There are only one or two functional zoos in Nigeria. So, if you study this course in Nigeria, what will you be doing? The course is a no no. You shouldn’t study it if you are given.

5. Adult Education

The time of adult education in Nigeria is passing away. Most Nigerians go to school early now, and so there is little to do. Instead of study Adult Education, you should go for other more lucrative courses in Education like Arts Education, or Science Education, or switch after your first year.

6. Guidance and Counselling

You should desist from studying this course as you are mostly needed by the government. Most private schools don’t even employ counsellors. It’s a waste of time and resources. However, if you want to migrate out of Nigeria, it’s not a bad course.

You should put this course to mind in our the worst courses to study in Nigeria (courses you shouldn’t study in Nigeria).

7. Archaeology and Tourism

Archaeology and tourism are sectors that Nigerians don’t love exploring. So, I’d you study this course you are bound to search for job for a long time. Hotels and lounges that should have employed graduates of this course make their application open to all courses.

8. History and International Relations

Aside from government and schools, there are little job prospects for the graduates of this course. Thus, we’ll advice you to be watchful of how you study this course. The major places you can work are schools and government ministries.

9. Soil Science

The only available option for you in this course after graduation is being a researcher or agricultural consultant. Nigerian farmers hardly do consulting, so you are left with being a researcher. It’s a course you shouldn’t go forward to study.

10. Crop Science

Well, this is also in the same situation as soil science. Except you want to be a researcher or have your own farm and business, you shouldn’t venture into crop science.

11. Horticulture and Forestry

The only available option on this job is being a researcher as well, and there are very little research opportunities in Nigeria. Therefore, on studying this course, you limit yourself to very little opportunities.

12. Political Science

This course shouldn’t even be existing in Nigeria. In Nigeria, only very little percent of the graduates of this course become politicians. You can only study this course when you are sure of working for the government or being a political appointee or entering politics; there are little job prospects in this course.

13. Physics and Astronomy

Graduates of this course end up as mostly teachers, which of course is not a bad thing. However, there are hardly other opportunities for them. You can work as a teacher or a researcher. Companies and other fields rarely ask for graduates of Physics except in rare cases where engineering and manufacturing firms ask for them.

14. Microbiology

I know you are tempted to accept and study this course but it’s a no. One is that there are many people studying this course with little opportunities for them. Second is that it’s a difficult course to graduate from. If you successfully graduate, getting a job becomes a daunting task.

15. Biochemistry

This course has little prospects within and outside the country. Like Microbiology, Crop Science, and Soil Science, you’ll have to consider being a researcher or teacher after graduation. However, some companies and firms do need Biochemists specially but the opportunities are limited.

This course made the list of our the worst courses to study in Nigeria (courses you shouldn’t study in Nigeria) for the inability of Biochemists to secure jobs.

16. Veterinary Doctor

This course is extremely difficult to study, and there are very limited opportunities for them with lot of professional competitions. This isn’t a course you should waste 6 years studying except you want to own an animal farm or another business or have access to good job.

You can also study this course if you have funds for relocating abroad as there are more opportunities for Vets outside the country. However, if you want to remain in Nigeria, this course isn’t that lucrative or not lucrative at all.

17. Insurance

Please, you shouldn’t waste your precious time studying Insurance in Nigeria. Most Nigerians don’t believe in any form of insurance, and insurance companies hardly thrive in Nigeria. So, they hardly hire.

18. Anatomy

We don’t see a reason why you should study Anatomy if you aren’t going back to school to study another health-related course. Studying only Anatomy and trying to look for a job is a no no. You can study it and it would be easy to study Medicine and Surgery afterwards in Nigeria or abroad.

19. Human Kinetics or Human and Physical Education

This course is a no. There are little job opportunities in it outside the education field, and so, we don’t encourage you to study it. If you have a job waiting for you though, you can study the course.

20. Agricultural Engineering

We don’t advise you to study this course alone. You can combine this course with Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, and you are good to go. Agricultural Engineering isn’t a course you should study alone and hope for a good career as there are very little job prospects on this course in Nigeria.

21. Philosophy

When you apply for more lucrative course, and you are given Philosophy to study, it’s better to write JAMB/UTME again than finishing your studies in this course. It has very little job prospects except you want to be a teacher or lecturer. Even though they are deep critical thinkers, Philosophy graduates are hardly sought for.


This post has done good justice to the worst courses to study in Nigeria (courses you shouldn’t study in Nigeria). You have to read and make your own decision to go ahead or not. This post is a good guide.

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