50 Businesses to do in Nigeria with 100K,  80K, 50K, 30K

Best and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Aba


Aba is largely know as a commercial city with enough bustle and hustle. It is a city you can easily get something to do for yourself to make money. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the best and most profitable businesses to start in Aba.

In the businesses we are listing here, you don’t need to have a large amount of money as capital before you start. You can start some of these businesses with a small amount of money, meanwhile for others, you need a good amount of money to start. Now, let’s take a look at the businesses.

Best and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Aba

1. Clothing Business at all Levels

Any business that is related to clothing, it is best to start it in Aba as Aba is the centre of clothing and fashion in southeastern Nigeria. Aba is reknown so much for its creativity in fashion that people come from far and wide to buy from Aba. Therefore, setting up a clothing business in a good location and a large way is a very good business decision.

The key to being successful as a person into clothing in Aba is starting big, getting a good location, marketing your location, selling quality products at cheap prices, and having good customer service and experience. Once you do all these right, you are sure of making a good amount of money for your business and yourself.

The best clothing business to start in Aba is selling of cloth-making material. The other is selling of already-made clothes. Then, the sale of other textiles like curtains, bedsheets, boxers, singlets, and others, also moves in Aba.

2. Shoemaking and Selling at all Levels

Shoes made and sold in Aba will always move. Aba is the centre of shoemaking and shoe sales in southeastern Nigeria. You can set up this business with a good sum in a good location, employ enough marketing, make standard and fashionable shoes, and you are good to go. For the marketing, you can leverage a lot on social media platforms and marketing.

3. Trading in Busy Locations

Aba is one of the top fifteen populous city in Nigeria. Thus, there are a lot of people living in Aba. There are also a lot of people going to Aba to do business. You can make a good amount of money if you open a shop or business in any busy location in Aba. You just have to study the environment to ensure the business you are opening is right for that environment.

You can trade or buy and sell fast-moving wares like shoes, slippers, plastic, provisions, foodstuffs, bread, and so on.

4. Transportation and Logistics


Considering the high population in Aba, transportation and logistics is another business that would move in Aba. By transportation and logistics, we don’t mean doing it in a posh way, Aba is not the right place to start posh business. What we mean is getting either Keke, mini bus, sienna, bus, and other vehicle types to run on a daily within and outside Aba.

You can also get bike to do deliveries within Aba. It is a profitable venture and you’ll always see your money.

5. Foodstuffs and Food

Foodstuffs and food are also good businesses you can venture into in Aba. Regardless of any situation or circumstances, people will eat. The population of people in Aba is enormous. Therefore, you’ll always sell.

The factors you have to consider before starting this business, though, is the location. You have to select a good location. You should sell quality and affordable meals or foodstuffs. Treat your customers right as well.


Now, this is all we have on our best and most profitable businesses to start in Aba. You can choose any of these businesses, and it will turn out fine. You just need to put a lot of factors into consideration, and follow the right procedure.

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