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Uyo Postal Code and Other Details about Uyo

Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom State. It is in the South-East regional part of Nigeria, and it is part of the political South-South region. It is an oil producing and developing city. This city is growing, developing, and expanding so fast, that it is such a nice place to visit. In this post, we’ll be exploring the city of Uyo with details like Uyo postal code, where is Uyo, hotels in Uyo, and the other details.

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Until the recent past, Uyo was simply a rural area like most places and communities in South-East Nigeria. It started like every developing town in the region till it was made a state capital. The discovery of oil close to the city helped in its economic growth.

In this present day, Uyo is fast developing, and the oil and shore close to the city is helping out a lot in the city’s economic development.

Where is Uyo?

Uyo is in South-East region of Nigeria. It is the capital city of Akwa Ibom State. You can access the city vie road, sea and air. There are other cities close to the city like Port Harcourt, Umuahia, Owerri, Yenegoa, and others. From these cities you can get to Uyo in less than 3 hours.

The city is also close the Atlantic Ocean; thus, you can get to the city through the ocean or by the rivers connecting to it. You can also get to the city through the airport.

How Developed is Uyo?

Uyo is fast developing and growing. It is the state capital. It has all the basic amenities you need for a place. The road network is great and they are good. The power supply is good according to the Nigerian standard. There is water supply in the city. It is safe to a good extent.

Uyo Postal Code

The postal code for Uyo is divided into different codes for different parts of the city. Therefore, Uyo postal code is not one single code as there are different codes for the different sections of the city. If you are asked about your Uyo postal code, you should verify where the code belonging to the section of the city you are staying is.

The sections and Uyo postal code include:

Military Office Iba Oku – 520212

Faha Oku Akpon –      520211

Catholic Secretary –    520221

Housing Estate Ewet –  520231

Akpan Street –         520222

Ewet Village –         520232

Uyo Market –          520251

Itiam Ikot Abia –       520241

School of Art & Science – 520271

Iboko –               520261

Uyo Zip Code

Uyo zip code is same as the Uyo postal code represented above. They are one and the same thing, and are used for the same purpose of sending messages, letters and goods through the post office. Whenever you are required to fill in your Uyo zip code, study the postal code of the different sections of Uyo, know where your street fall under and use it to fill in.

Hotels in Uyo

A good number of hotels in Uyo are five star. Uyo is a developed city, and so, it is expected that the hotels in the city would be excellent. For sure, there are five star hotels in Uyo. There are also ones that aren’t rated high, and are well affordable.

There are over 70 hotels in Uyo, and so, you have a variety of the good, better, and average hotels to choose from. In Uyo, you can get a wide range of lodging price per night for hotels beginning from 6,000 to 100,000 naira per night.

Some of these hotels include:

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort

Eemjm Hotel

Georgetown Residence

Davok Suites

Monty Suites

De-Castle Luxury Home

Venus Hotel and Suites

Hummer Hotel

Mandela Queens Hotel

New Point Hotel

Ghassan Hotel

De Silva Luxury Hotel

Fresh Spring Hotels and Towers

Congress Hotel and Resort

Emrosy Hotel

Amity Hotel Limited

Suite Forty One

Carabana Hotels and Suites


Uyo is a good place if you wish to visit. It is also a good place if you intend to do business there as it is fast developing. You can go to the city for tourism or go for business; it is still perfect.

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