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Onitsha Postal Code and Other Details about Onitsha (Eastern Center of Trade and Commerce) 

Onitsha is a vital trade and commerce center in South-East, Nigeria, lying on the River Niger Bank. It has a long history with trade and commerce, and this is mostly due to its prime location. Lying on the River Niger Bank, and being the gateway into South-East from the South-West, it has attracted a lot of activities to itself. In this post, we’ll be exploring the Onitsha city with focus on details like Onitsha postal code, Onitsha zip code, and Onitsha bridge.

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Onitsha is adjudged to have the largest markets in West Africa. In terms of trade and commerce, Onitsha is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria in that niche. It can be written that everywhere in the city is filled with market, and most of them are niche markets like the drug market, textile market, building material market, spare parts market, and so on and so forth. The biggest of the markets in Onitsha is Onitsha Main Market, which is adjudged to be the biggest market in West Africa.

In exploring this city, we’ll start with certain things you should know about Onitsha.

Where is Onitsha?

Onitsha lies on the east side of the lower part of River Niger, close to the river’s bank. It is close to Asaba city. You can get to the city by road through Awka, Asaba, Owerri, and other expressway coming to the city. You can move to the city by water through the River Niger. You can also access the city by air through Asaba Airport, which is just 20 minutes drive from the city, and Aguleri Airport, which is about 40 minutes drive.

Onitsha in Anambra State of South-East, Nigeria.

Is Onitsha Developed?

Yes. Onitsha is developed to a great extent. You would find basic amenities for good standard of living in Onitsha like healthcare, power supply, water supply, and so on. The city has one of the largest clusters of tall buildings in Nigeria. However, due to population explosion and deterioration of some of these basic amenities, the city has witnessed harsh standard of living.

Onitsha Postal Code 

The postal code for Onitsha is divided into different codes for different parts of the city. Therefore, Onitsha postal code is not one single code as there are different codes for the different sections of the city. If you are asked about your Onitsha postal code, you should verify where the code belonging to the section of the city you are staying is.

The sections and Onitsha postal code include:

Onyeabor Street –         430234

Awka Road –            430231

Obompa –              430232

Omagba Layout –        430235

Upper Iweka –          430233

New Market Road –      430262

Oguta Road –           430261

Odoakpu –             430264

Zik A –               430252

Niger Bride Head Road – 430254

Iweka Road –          430251

Ose I –                430263

GRA I –               430272

Ose II –               430271

GRA II –              430281

GRA III –              430273

33 I –                 430213

Ogidi –                434234

Akuzor Road –          434223

Umusiome Ibo –         434233

Amafor –                434232

Ububa –                 434224

Nkpor New Market –       434212

Akuzor Village –          432214

Agulu A –               434213

Odume Layout I –         434222

Uruowulu Village –        434231

Odume Layout II –         434221

Umuota –                 434242

Aforadike –               434242

Ejikeme Quarters –         434243

Onitsha Zip Code

Onitsha zip code is same as the Onitsha postal code represented above. They are one and the same thing, and are used for the same purpose of sending messages, letters and goods through the post office. Whenever you are required to fill in your Onitsha zip code, study the postal code of the different sections of Onitsha, know where your street fall under and use it to fill in.

Onitsha Bridge

Onitsha Bridge has a long history. It serves a large amount of people on daily basis. Onitsha Bridge connects the South-West part of Nigeria to the South-East. It connects Asaba and Onitsha primarily. It is a great boost for the trade, commerce, and the hospitality going on in the two cities. With the bridge, travellers could connect to farther cities like Lagos to Port Harcourt, Lagos to Uyo, Lagos to Nsukka, and so on.

Onitsha Bridge was built and commissioned in Nigeria’s First Republic in the 1960s. It has served as a catalyst for the growth of Nigeria, primarily the nearer cities of Onitsha and Asaba. The level of traffic on the bridge led to the construction and commissioning of the Second Niger Bridge.


Onitsha is a great city for trade. If you have a product you want to be distributed to the South-East market and consumers, Onitsha should be your first point of call. In addition, it is a city you can use to launch your trading and commerce career.

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