The Richest Towns in Enugu State

A lot of people would have this question and idea of what are the richest towns in Enugu State. In this post, we’ll be presenting that. However, there are criteria checked to ascertain and know which of these towns to rank. They are ranked or checked by their development, commerical activities, and wealth of the indigenes and residents in the state.

Now, let’s get down to the details of the post.

The Richest Towns in Enugu State


1. Ngwo


Ngwo is the richest town in Enugu State when all the criteria mentioned earlier are put into consideration. The town hosts the Ninth Mile area, Ngwo hills, and some parts of Enugu city, especially the highly commerical areas. There are also a lot of wealthy people from this town or resident in it. It has one of the best infrastructure and development in Enugu State and the entire southeast zone.

The former Governor of Anambra State and activist, C. C. Onoh, was from this town. Bianca Onoh, Nigeria’s former beauty queen and ambassador, is also from this town.

2. Nike


Nike is a very large town with more than half of it in the present Enugu city. Due to how it serves as part of Enugu city, the people resident and originating from the town are very wealthy. The Nike people also embraced education early, so they were able to make good wealth for themselves and develop their place. In addition, they are much in the civil service and politics.

The former Governor of Anambra State, Jim Nwobodo, is from this town, as they share close affinity with the Nkanu people.

3. Nsukka


Nsukka is the second largest city in Enugu State. It hosts the main campus of the University of Nigeria. It is densely populated, and a lot of commercial activities go on in this city. The residents and indigenes of this city are wealthy. Due to the establishment of university in the town, Nsukka people are highly educated, and thus, they have learned how to make wealth for themselves.

A lot of the residents and indigenes of this town are civil servants and businessmen. Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi, CEO of Peace Mass Transit is from the town.

4. Udi


Udi town is also another rich town in Enugu State. It is developed and densely populated. Due to the fact that it was one of the first towns to receive Western education and visitors, the indigenes and residents made wealth real quick. They are mostly into civil service, though, and politics, with a lot of people abroad. A considerable good amount of commercial activities go on here. This town also encompasses other towns and villages.

The former Governor of Enugu State, Barr. Sullivan Chime is from this town.

5. Awgu


Awgu is also another rich town in Enugu State. The area is densely populated, and well-developed with more of effort by the indigenes. It is also another town that grabbed education very well. Most of the indigenes and residents are in civil service while some are businessmen. Awgu hosts the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.

Awgu’s proximity to Enugu also helps out in the town’s development. The celebrity priest and entrepreneur, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, is from this town.


This post has successfully presented the richest towns in Enugu State. These towns were ranked according to the criteria stated earlier. That these five towns are mentioned doesn’t mean there are no other rich towns in Enugu State, there are a lot more.

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