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Best Governed States and Governors in the Igboland since 1999


The Igboland is one of the most populated regions in Nigeria, and has a wide range of negative factors that make it difficult to govern. In this article, we’ll be x-raying the best governed states and governors in Igboland since 1999. We’ll do this analysis and ranking vie what the governors met on ground in 1999, the rate of development that followed, and how much they have achieved holistically for the state.

Best Governed States and Governors in the Igboland since 1999


1. Enugu State


Enugu State has been governed better than other Igbo states since 1999. From a poor and derelict state with no development outside Enugu city in 1999, the state has grown into a state of multiple cities of good roads, fast development, a high literate rate, and good health and educational sectors. The state also has one of the best standard of living and life longevity in Nigeria. The state is also highly secured, and it is the best secured state in Igboland.

Enugu State’s cities are one of the greenest and livable in Igboland from Enugu to Nsukka to Oji River, and Awgu. However, the state is failing in the aspect industrialization and poverty reduction. The successive governments since 1999 haven’t really done much in rural development. There is minimal industrialization in the state, and a high percentage of the citizens are still poor.

However, the high literate rate of the state, educated and responsible citizens, and the high number of the state’s citizens abroad helps the state a lot.

2. Anambra State


This state is second on the list due to the efforts that have been made by its governors and rulers since 1999. The positive aspect of the state is that the citizens of the state are highly industrious, and this helps a lot in the development of the state. A lot of the wealthy citizens from this state build roads in their villages, and provide amenities like hospital, electricity, and pipe borne water.

From a greatly lawless state with poor road network and terrible security in 1999, Anambra State has grown to become safer, better road network, especially in the rural areas, and low poverty rate. The state is still not perfect but it has succeeded in improving its economy, creating an industrious and wealthy state that’s one of the best in the country. The educational system of the state is also great.

However, the state needs to do more about its poor security status, great infrastructural deficit in the urban areas, pollution and poor hygiene, and lawlessness. If it can solve all these, Anambra State should be so habitable that it can rival other top economic flashpoints in the country.

3. Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State is the third best governed state in Igboland due to its infrastructural development and other achievements since 1999. From a large and poor rural state in 1999, the state has been able to grow to have one of the fastest developing cities in Nigeria, Abakiliki, with a high rate of literacy among its citizens. From the city to the rural areas, the government built beneficial infrastructure for its citizens.

Ebonyi State can easily boast of durable and good road network across all its zones. However, the state is failing in human capital development a lot, and poor standard of living for its citizens. Thus, the state economy is poor with little business and industrialization going on in the state. The state also has a weak health sector.

If the state government can work on these its weaknesses, they can be greater than they are.

4. Imo State

Imo State is 4th on this list because even though it has a big economy and lots of valuable human and natural resources, the state lacks good infrastructural development especially in its rural areas. Imo State if it should live up to its potential should be competing with Rivers State and Lagos State with its over $13 billion economy.

Aside from agriculture, oil and gas, and hospitality, there is little industrialization going on in the state. Aside from Owerri, there is little urban life and feel around the state. Cities like Okigwe and Orlu aren’t living up to standard and have experienced little infrastructural development and feel by the state government.

The state has high literate rate, good educational system, but the state is not utilizing this enough. The positive aspect of the state is its large economy, and large natural and human resources.

5. Abia State

Abia State also has a large and industrialized economy. It also has a huge literate human population. However, this is what the state inherited in 1999, and has done little to improve on this. The state suffers from poor infrastructural development especially in its urban areas. Cities like Umuahia and Aba aren’t living up to their potentials at all.

However, the state has a strong economy and manages to get Foreign Direct Investments to itself due to its location, and the creativity and industrious of its citizens. The state can do better, and should be doing well like other economic flashpoints in Nigeria like Kano, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.



These are the best governed states or governors in Igboland since 1999. Igboland can do better if more is done. The Nigerian situation seems to hamper the growth of the region like other regions.

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