The Richest States in Igboland by State Economy


The main or major area of the Igbo is the geo-political Southeast Zone of Nigeria. This zone is made up of 5 states: Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia, and Ebonyi. Now, for people who are interested in knowing the richest states in Igboland. We’ll be doing a feature on this by classifying the richness of the states according to the sizes of their economy and GDP.

Now, let’s take a look.

The Richest States in Igboland by Economy Size

1. Imo State

Imo State is the richest state in Igboland according to the size of the economy and its GDP. Of course, this is different from the individual capacities of the citizens of the state. What we mean is Imo’s economy size and GDP.

Imo is in Southern Igboland. It is blessed with oil and gas, and other mineral resources. The human population of the state is also high with over 5 million people, and they are highly educated. In addition, due to high level of education in the state and industrial creativity of its people, Imo State boosts of a vibrant GDP, one of best GDPs and size economy in Nigeria. The flourishing palm oil industries, hospitality, schools, and agriculture also contributes to the high GDP of the state.

The GDP and Economy of the state is worth over $13 billion.

Thus, Imo State has:

Population: 5,766,234
Landmass: 5,288 kilometers square
Economy Size: $13,492,238,667

2. Abia State

Abia State, like its sister state, Imo, also has a large economy size and GDP. Even though it’s small in size, Abia’s GDP and economy size is one of the best in the country, and the second best in Igboland. Like Imo State, this state has oil and gas, and high number of educated citizens. The human population of the state is over 3 million people.

In addition to that, it’s location along the PH corridor also contributes to its economy. The skill, artisanship, and creativity happening in Aba with the production of local goods like shoes and clothes adds strongly to the state’s economy. The state also has a flourishing palm oil industry and sector.

The state’s economy size and GDP is around $7 billion.

Thus, Abia State has:
Population: 3,934,157
Landmass: 6,630 kilometers square
Economy Size: $7,078,540,953

3. Anambra State

Anambra State ranks third among the richest states in Igboland. Due to the level of commerce and industrialization going on the state, it comes third on this list. The major contributor to the state’s economy is trade, commerce, and transportation.

Recently, Anambra State has joined Nigerian league of oil producing states but produces little oil and gas. The state has a high number of educated and enterprising citizens and residents of about more than 5 million. However, you should note that the mainstay of the state’s economy is trade, commerce, and little of production.

The location of the state as gateway from the southwest to southeast and Igboland also contributes to the success story of the state. The GDP and economy size of Anambra State is worth around $6 billion.

Thus, Anambra State has:
Population: 5,846,198
Landmass: 4,865 kilometers square
Economy Size: $6,036,241,899

4. Enugu State

Enugu State comes fourth on this list. The state is the gateway to the southeast from the north, and is blessed with mineral, human, and other natural resources. Enugu State citizens and residents are highly educated with a population of over 4 million people. It is the largest state by landmass in Igboland, and it is still largely agrarian.

Notwithstanding that the state is still largely agrarian, there are large-scale production and manufacturing going on in some flashpoints in the states like Enugu, Nsukka, Ninth Mile, Oji River, and other places. The state has a high number of schools, and derives a large amount of its revenue from these schools.

The state is blessed with natural resources like coal, limestone, and iron ore. Some of these are being mined. However, the state’s economy mainstay is in agriculture, human resources, educational and health services.

The state’s economy and GDP size is a little above $4 billion. Thus, Enugu State has:

Population: 4,683,887
Landmass: 7,534 kilometers square
Economy Size: $4,115,415,401

5. Ebonyi State

This is the smallest state in Igboland according to population. It is also the youngest state in Igboland since it was created in 1996. The state is still largely agrarian; although, a lot of mining of natural resources goes on in the state. The human population of the state is close to 3 million, and they are very resourceful.

The state boasts of production in cities like Abakiliki and Afikpo. The state’s rice and palm oil products are popular nationwide. This makes the mainstay of the state’s economy to be agriculture and mining.

The state’s economy and GDP size is also way over $2 billion. Thus, the Ebonyi State has:

Population: 3,046,287
Landmass: 6,400 kilometers square
Size of Economy: $2,888,378,681


These are the richest states in Igboland. You should note that this is done according to the economy size and Gross Domestic Products of this state. This means how large and productive the entire state is, and the kind of productivity going on these states. It is not by how rich the individuals of the states are.

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