Richest Towns in Anambra State


Anambra State is one of the core Igbo states in the southeast zone of Nigeria. The good fact about this state is that it has a large number of educated and enterprising people. This helps a lot in the development of the state. In this post, we’ll be looking at the richest towns in Anambra State.

These towns will be classified according to how developed they are, and the wealth distribution of people living in them and originating from them. These towns are also to be ranked according to the standard of living in them and social amenities present. Now, let’s take a look.

Richest Towns in Anambra State


1. Nnewi


Nnewi is the richest town in Anambra State when the towns in the state is judged by development and wealth distribution of residents and indigenes. Nnewi is reputed to have the highest number of naira billionaires in Nigeria as a town. Notwithstanding that it is a medium-sized city that’s still developing, it is developing fast, and a lot of production and trading is going on in this town.

The town has flourishing markets, factories, a university teaching hospital, cathedrals, road network, and a whole lot of other things. The standard of living in the town is above average. One of the first dollar billionaires, one-time richest man in Nigeria, Lious Ojukwu, and his son, Emeka Ojukwu, were from the town.

2. Onitsha


Onitsha is the largest, most populated, and most productive city in Anambra State. The city has a good wealth distribution of which a lot of people originating and resident in the city are naira billionaires. However, most of the people doing well in this city are migrants.

The city boast of well-educated indigenes and outsiders, having one of the best set of lawyers in the country. There are road networks, good schools, hospitals, and so on. There is high density of human population in the city into production and trading.

Nigeria’s first head of state, Nnamdi Azikiwe, was from this town.

3. Awka


Awka is the third on the list. This city is the capital of Anambra State. Just like the cities mentioned earlier, Awka has a good number of wealthy residents and indigenes. A city known for its blacksmithing prowess before colonialism, and being educated early, the city is doing well by every standard. The capital city status given to it also helped out.

There are lots of production and trading also going on in this city. The city is more serene than any other city in Anambra State with the right amenities.

4. Awkuzu


Awkuzu town sits in a good location, almost at the centre of Anambra State connecting to most towns in the state. It is home to very wealthy people, and is close to Anambra State University. This makes the town densely populated and developed. A lot of commercial activity and trading also takes place in the town.

5. Awka-etiti


Awka-etiti is also another densely populated and developed town in Anambra State. It is almost at the center of Nnewi zone, and it’s very close to Nnewi. This makes the town densely populated. The indigenes and residents of the town are very wealthy, too. There is also lots of commercial activities going on in the town.

6. Oraukwu


Oraukwu is 6th in this list because of the wealth of its indigenous population. The wealth of both the indigenes and residents of the town makes it developed and densely populated. There are also lots of commercial activities going in this town.

7. Agulu


This town is known for its serenity, tourism potential, and rural lifestyle but it also hosts a lot of wealthy people and development. Agulu is home to the Agulu Lake, hotels, Pharmacy school of UNIZIK, and a whole lot of other things. It is well-populated and developed. It is the hometown of legendary Dora Akunyili, and Peter Obi.

8. Enugu-Ukwu


Enugu-Ukwu is also another large developed and densely populated town in Anambra State. It has good infrastructure. The town also has a lot of wealthy people, indigenes or not. In addition, a considerable good number of commercial activities go on here.

9. Ihiala


Ihiala is situated at the border and close to Imo State. It is also the headquarters of Ihiala Local Government. This gives the town it’s semi-urban status. Notwithstanding that a lot of its people and residents are very wealthy, the town bustles with lots of trading and commercial activities.

10. Ekwulobia


Ekwulobia is also another town with semi-urban status in Anambra State due to how densely populated it is, developed, and with the level of commercial activities going on in the town. The town serves and covers all the other town around it including Oko, where the Federal Polytechnic is located. The indigenes and residents are wealthy as well.



These are the richest towns in Anambra State. They are judged by their development, wealth, and commercial activities going on in them. These ten towns qualify well in this regard.

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