The Nigerian Police declare Chinmark Group CEO wanted for Fraud


In April, 2023, Nigerian Police declare Chinmark Group CEO wanted for fraud after a victim he duped of his 480 million naira sent a petition to them.

Chinmark Group CEO and Fraud

The Nigeria Police Force has declared businessman and CEO of Chinmark Group, Ijiomah Marksman Chinedu, wanted over an alleged N480 million investment fraud.

Before Chinmark Group crashed, and the company was unable to pay investors, there have been several reports of mismanagement and fund misappropriation against the CEO. Many investors lost their funds. In 2023, there are still many investors looking for ways to have their monies returned to them.

The embattled businessman is expected to appear before the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Interpol, and Force Headquarters in Abuja.

A travel ban has been placed on him. The individual who submitted the petition is part of a larger group of people who have been defrauded by this man. They look forward to getting theor investment back.

Source: Gazette and Nairametrics

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