A Disadvantaged but Determined Young Man graduates with First Class Honors at the University of Nigeria


This success and hardwork story of a disadvantaged but Determined Young Man graduates with First Class honors at the University of Nigeria is that Mr. Johnmartins Ifeanyi Ugwu. It is a story of hardwork, loss, intelligence, and on top of it all, determination. This young man doesn’t let his poor situation weigh him down as he strives to graduate with the best degree result.

For anyone who knows the University of Nigeria, it is not an easy feat to graduate withe First Class honors there. It is also not easy at all when you are from a struggling home. Mr. Ugwu is able to get this achievement notwithstanding his situation.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at his situation.

Johnmartins Ifeanyi Ugwu: A Disadvantaged but Determined Young Man graduates with First Class Honors at the University of Nigeria

Johnmartins Ifeanyi Ugwu hails from Aku in Igbo-etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State. He was born into an average home. However, since childhood, he has always wished to study in the university.

His father is a Cathecist, and he is paid poor salary doing this job. His mother is a Yam seller. Mr. Ugwu narrates that it is mostly from his mother’s business that he and his siblings were trained.

He knew the family and he were in a kind of trouble when he got admitted into UNN the same time his sister got admitted. Paying two heavy fees wouldn’t be easy for them. He got admitted to study Agricultural Extension while his sister got admitted to study Engineering.

Notwithstanding the situation, he hoped for the best. So, he put in extra work to see that the situation wasn’t bad. He helped his mother frequently in the yam business. He also did some other odd jobs to add to what they used to survive.

Mr. Ugwu chose to stay off campus with his sister. He rented an apartment far away from campus, in one of the cheapest areas in Nsukka. Even with all of these hurdles, he never relented in his studies.

He states that in his penultimate year, he saved some money to buy motorcycle. With this motorcycle, he drove people to get paid. He made some money, too. Unfortunately, the motorcycle was stolen in school sometime later.

At the end, Mr. Johnmartins Ifeanyi Ugwu, not only gained good life experience, he also graduated in flying colors, graduating with a CGPA of 4.68. He has one the best CGPA in the entire school.

His Plan for the Future

Mr. Johnmartins Ifeanyi Ugwu intends to go into entrepreneurship. He says that with the needed funding, he hopes to manage and own a successful farm. He also has interest in teaching and research. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

Congratulations to him!

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