Shocking Revelation about Nigeria Air by Kelechi Deca


A popular Nigerian journalist, Kelechi Deca, shared a shocking relegation about the Nigeria Air aircrafts claimed to have been bought by Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. The shocking relevation about Nigeria Air by Kelechi Deca comes at a point where Nigerians are having serious doubts about the government’s plan about re-introducing Nigeria Government owned National carrier. The last one Nigeria had ended up in a sad way.

Background to the Matter of Nigeria Air

The Nigerian Airways that was one of Africa’s finest and biggest airlines, owned by Nigerian Government, folded up tragically. It was badly managed. The airline became a laughing stock, haemorrhaging Nigeria’s resources.

Then, in Buhari’s administration, the Aviation Minister thought it’s best Nigerian Airways is restored as Nigeria Air. The policy has come under intense criticism with many Nigerians considering the idea as “lack of focus” and “confusion.” Just as Buhari is about to leave, the government claimed they bought two new aircraft.

Shocking Revelation about Nigeria Air by Kelechi Deca

In his Facebook post, Kelechi Deca exposed the government’s incompetence. The airlines aren’t bought or even new. They belong to Ethiopian Airways, which was given 50% state to run Nigeria Air.

Kelechi Deca writes that

“Behold Your Nigeria Air.

I asked someone to kindly copy the registration number of the aircraft that landed in Abuja packaged as Air Nigeria.

While waiting, I saw the number on another post so I did a small search.

The equipment is a Boeing 737-860 Max.

Registration Number ET-APL Mode S Q4005C

Serial Number: 40965/4075

Age: 10 years 8 months.

First flight was 22nd June 2012 as Ethiopian Airlines aircraft.

Then it became Malawi Airlines on 16th February 2014.

It was re-leased to Ethiopian Airlines on 12th August 2015.

Then on 26th May 2023 it has Nigeria Air colours without changing ownership.

Status: Active.

Last Activity: 4 hours ago

Last known location: Abuja Nigeria.”

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