How to Save Money when Building your House in Nigeria


It’s not a piece of news or surprise that building house in Nigeria now is very expensive. This is due to the high cost of building material in the market. There are ways you can make that your building project cheaper for you. In this post, we’ll be x-raying how to save money when building your house in Nigeria.

How to Save Money when Building your House in Nigeria

There are assured ways you can save money or reduce cost when building your house in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

1. It is not compulsory you use the services of an architect in building your house. You can tell the engineer in charge of your house to do the designing and add it as part of his charge, it’s cheaper this way.

2. You should be the one to source your building materials yourself. You should ensure you don’t leave this part to your engineer; you can be duped. You have to go to the market yourself to purchase this material at subsidized rates.

3. If you have the money you buy all the materials you need at once, it’s cheaper that way, from a wholesaler or bigger seller. You buy it in bulk. This way, you save over 7% of the cost. For instance, you can buy full trailer of cement direct from the company you save a lot.

4. While buying the materials, you should go for the more durable and original products if you have the money. This is because it saves you a lot of money for repairs later on. You should buy the best cement products for instance.

Save Money while Building your House

5. While hiring other artisans, look for the best with the cheapest price. If you go for incompetent ones, you will end up spending twice for that service. Imagine when you call an incompetent carpenter, and the roofing done is bad; this means you will be forced to reroof.

6. In case you are building a house for business in an urban or semi-urban area, you should never try buying an overpriced land. There are some land that are way overvalued. You don’t have to be in a rush to buy land. There’ll always be land for sale.

You buy the land in a good location depending on what you want to build. A hotel should be on a busy road. A shopping mall should also be on a busy road. Meanwhile, a residential house can be on a less busy road.

7. Even though you will employ an engineer, it doesn’t mean you won’t go to check out your building site. You have to go there regularly to check out the progress of the building.

8. You shouldn’t hand over building materials to the workers more than what is needed. You should know the type of house you want to be and the required materials. You can be supplying it little by little to the workers until they are done.


There are ways you can save money when building your house. You just have to follow these tips and steps and you are good to go. This post has presented a good view of how to save money when building your house in Nigeria.

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