Richest Towns in Imo State


Imo State is a rich state in its own right. Imo State is rich due to the abundance of natural and human resources in the state. There are lots of rich towns and people in the state. In this post, we’ll be examining the richest towns in Imo State.

There are several rich towns in Imo State, and we’ll be taking a look at some of them here. The towns here are judged by the development in them, infrastructure, presence of social amenities, and human capital development. They are also judged by the wealthy people they have as residents and indigenes.

Richest Towns in Imo State


1. Owerri


Owerri is the richest town in Imo State. It is the capital of Imo State, and has been a province capital and township for a long while. Due to it became an urban area quite early, the town has developed quite well, and its residents and indigenes are quite wealthy as well.

2. Orlu


Orlu is also another urban area in Imo State with wealthy people living in the area. It is an important urban area with lots of people and resources. This town is the second richest town in Imo State. The area and town has equally produced a lot of rich and prominent people.

3. Mbaise


Mbaise is a popular area and town in Imo State. They are fearless and smart, and their area has received education and governance for a long time. It is considered the third richest town in Imo State because of the calibre of people the town has, and also the social amenities present in the area.

4. Okigwe


Okigwe is an urban area on the Federal Expressway between Aba and Enugu. Due to this, it has been growing and achieved considerable good urban status. It is a thriving city with lots of residents. These residents and indigenes are wealthy.

5. Akokwa


Akokwa is considered a rich town because it has produced lots of wealthy people, who in turn take care of their town. The town is developing fast due to its people and some government intervention.

6. Arondiizuogu


Arondiizuogu is a popular and rich town. The people from this town are scattered all over the world doing their exploits. These people have also impacted on the community in one way or another.

7. Ehime Mbano


Ehime Mbano is an area that’s highly populated. The dense population of people is that of highly educated people with great sources of income. This area and town has lots of wealthy people as residents or indigenes. The area is also developed to a considerable extent.

8. Oguta


Oguta is the location of the famous Oguta lake, one of the largest lakes in Nigeria. It is a popular tourist destination with fertile land and crude oil deposits. All of these make this town a rich town. The people are into a wide range of things to make money, and thus, they are rich. Oguta is equally developing fast.

9. Mgbidi


Mgbidi is almost achieving the needed urban status; it is developing quickly. The people resident in this city, or indigenes, are productive and prosperous. This town has the required social amenities. This town is easily one of the richest towns in Imo State

10. Ohaji Egbema


Ohaji Egbema is a crude-oil producing and agriculture area like Oguta. This means that the people have varieties of things they can do to make funds. They are also heavily into palm tree plantations. The indigenes and residents of this area are wealthy. The area is developed as well.


This is it on the richest towns in Imo State. This post makes you understand and know rich towns in Imo State.

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