Richest Towns in Abia State


Abia State is a small state by landmass in the southeast region of Nigeria. Notwithstanding its size, the state is wealthy and blessed with natural and human resources. There are many rich towns in Abia State. In this post, we’ll be examining the richest towns in Abia State.

The towns selected are judged to be rich because of the development going on in them, levels of infrastructure and social amenities, and the human capital development and growth in the towns. Now, let’s take a look at some of these towns.

Richest Towns in Abia State


1. Aba


Aba is the richest town in Abia State due to its location, and the level of production and commerce going on there. It is located close to Port Harcourt where the seaport is, and also to Akwa Ibom State. The town serves as a large commercial center for the areas around it.

It has the required infrastructure and social amenities. The town also has lot of wealthy people as residents and indigenes of the town.

2. Umuahia


Umuahia is the capital city of Abia State. It is prospering economically because it is the capital city, and it is also in a good location. It serves as the commercial point for the sale of different products, serving the communities around it. The city has educational, government, and several private institutions.

It also has wealthy people as residents and indigenes.

3. Abiriba


Abiriba is the third richest town in Abia State. It is mostly a residential area with little commercial activities; however, it has very wealthy people as residents and indigenes. These people are in different locations around the world doing their businesses.

Abiriba is very developed, and this is mostly due to its indigenes. Abiriba is considered a small London.

4. Bende


Bende is located in Abia North area. Just like Abiriba, they are developed and considered rich due to the efforts of the indigenes. It is also developing into a commerical area with the level of commerce going on in the area. The area has relatively good infrastructure and social amenities.

5. Igbere


Igbere, the home of Orji Uzor Kalu, is developed as well. The levels of buildings, infrastructure, and availability of social amenities here is close to being excellent. The people who live or are from here are also doing well economically.

6. Arochukwu


Arochukwu town was the center of Aro Confederacy in the past. The town controlled a good part of the southeast region. The present indigenes of the town are also making exploits in the modern world, controlling businesses and pushing high economic activities. Due to this, the town is developed and rich.

7. Ohafia


Ohafia is the local government capital of Ohafia LGA. It was an old trading location that served the areas around it. Ohafia’s economic activities are going up as the town continues to attract people for business. The indigenes of the town are also doing well.

8. Ovu-Ngwa


Ovu-Ngwa in Ngwa region of Abia State is also doing well. The closeness of this place to Aba helps the town, and contributes to the growth of economic activities here. It is a town witnessing growth of economic activities.

9. Ibeku


Ibeku is another town which is doing well economically. This is mostly because of its location and the hustling spirit of its residents and indigenes. Ibeku is a rich town with good building, high infrastructure level, and the right social amenities.

10. Uzuakoli


Uzuakoli is a town that’s also doing well economically. The location of the town, and the wealth level of the residents elevates this town to its rich level. Economic activities thrive in the town.



This is it on the richest towns in Abia State. Through this post, you’ve known the rich towns in the state. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t more rich towns; however, the ones mentioned here are the dominant rich towns in Abia State.


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