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Owerri Postal Code and the Other Details about Owerri (The Entertainment and Leisure City)

Owerri is the capital city of Imo State. It is one of the earliest urban areas, or one of the first places to achieve township status in South East, Nigeria. It is the traditional home of the Igbo sub-group people of Ndi Owerre. It is close to Port Harcourt, Umuahia, Orlu, Onitsha, and several South East prominent cities. In this post, we are going to be treating details about Owerri like Owerri postal code, Genesis cinema Owerri, hotels in Owerri, and Owerri zip code.

In the recent past, we have done features about some other South East cities, and all you need to know about them, read them here like that of (Nsukka), and you can also read about other popular and prominent South-East Nigerian cities like (Enugu) and (Onitsha) here.

To understand this post better, we’ll be starting and exploring the history of Owerri. From the history we move on to Owerri postal code, Owerri zip code, and the other details.

Where is Owerri Located?

Owerri is located somewhere in the middle of Imo State, South-East, Nigeria. It is a fast developing West African city. You can get to Owerri by road or air. There is no rail transportation going to the city at the moment. However, through the Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport or by buses, you can get to Owerri from anywhere in Nigeria.

Owerri is close to two prominent rivers, and the biggest and most popular being Otamiri River.  

What is the History of Owerri?

Owerri is reported to have been established at around the 14th century AD. However, there is no written document at that time to corroborate this widely believed story by the Owerre people. From then till the coming of the British colonization in around 1910, Owerri was rural and like every other town in South East Nigeria.

Owerri’s status and urbanization began when it was chosen as the administrative center for Owerri Province. Some of the British administrators and religious organization settled and established offices in Owerri. Schools were established, church headquarters were built, government institutions were also built, and it became an administrative center.

Owerre people and the adjoining towns embraced education and converted to Christianity. The prominent Christian denominations in Owerri are Catholic and Anglican. The first Igbo bible was translated and produced in Owerri bearing Owerri-Umuahia Igbo accent.

In the 1970s, Imo State was created, and Owerri became the capital. At the point, Owerri developed at a fast rate. The Owerre people abandoned their farms, sold them off to developers and the government, and embraced education and office work.

Owerri has been planned as a city since the British colonization, and it was planned more by former governors of the state like Ndubuisi Kalu, Sam Mbakwe, and the others.

What is Owerri known for?

Owerri is known for its entertainment, relaxation, and leisure status. There are so many hotels in Owerri, recreational centers, and bars. It is considered as the entertainment city of South-East, Nigeria. In fact, there is a section of Owerri where you would go to and find only hotels there.

Owerri is also home for good food like Ofe Owerre and the other Nigerian dishes. The city is also home to good music popularly called Highlife music or Egwu Owerre.

Owerri Postal Code

Owerri postal code is not just one code as there are different postal codes representing the different sections of the city. You simply have to know which section of the city your street fall under. You know this by asking people or knowing these sections as places closer to your street.

Owerri postal code and the sections are:

Aladinma Estate-                    460231

Uzi Layout-                         460241

Aladinma Northern Extension –          460232

Umueche –                          460261

Umuodu –                           460243

Ikenegbu Layout –                    460242

Umuoyima Emmanuel College Layout –   460251

New Owerri –                        460271

Nekede –                            460262

Arugo Layout –                       460281

Imo State University –                 460222

State High Court –                    460211

Ugwu Orji –                         460213

Amawom –                          460221

Works Layout-                       460212

Thus, get to know of your own section, and give it out whenever you are asked about your postal code.

Owerri Zip Code

Owerri zip code is the same as the ones covered above. Thus, Owerri postal code is the same as Owerri zip code. You simply have to know where your street falls under. You write down the code, and you present it whenever you are asked of it.

Genesis Cinema Owerri

We have already declared that Owerri is considered an entertainment and leisure city. You have to know that aside from hotels in Owerri, Genesis Cinema Owerri is also a good point for entertainment and leisure. It is a place you can go see the latest movies any time you visit the city.

Genesis Cinema Owerri is part of the brand of Genesis Cinema scattered all over the country in cities like Lagos and Abuja. The Director of the Genesis Group is Dr Nnaeto Orazulike. Recently, the group looked towards expansion, and Genesis Cinema Owerri was established.

Genesis Cinema Owerri is situated in Owerri Mall. The address is 3, Egbu Road, 460281, Owerri. You can take a taxi to the location from anywhere in the city.

Hotels in Owerri

There are excellent hotels in Owerri. In this city, you can get a wide range of hotels, depending on your budget. The best of hotels you can find anywhere is located in the city. Top-notch and standard hotels. There are over 200 hotels in Owerri scattered all over the city.

Some of these hotels in Owerri are:

Swiss International Beland Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotel

Embassy Classic Hotel

Hotel Ibis Royale

Imo Concords Hotel

Caribbean Suites Nigera

Titanium Hotels & Resorts

BON Hotel Tripod

Immaculate Golden Hotel

Newcastle Hotel

Mbara New York Hotel

Graziella Hotels

Bayview Resort and Hotel

Greatwood Hotel

Pinewood Hotel

Mayfair Suites and Conference Center

Oxygen Holiday Resort

Gold Crown Hotel Resort and Suites

Empire Hotel Limited

Lobic Meridian Hotels

These are some of the hotels in Owerri we could list here. You should note that majority of the hotels in this city are expensive. However, this does not mean you won’t get cheaper hotels. Lodging per night in these hotels vary, you can get them at 6,000 naira per night to 50,000 naira.

There is one for any budget. Taxi plies in the city, and can take you to anyone of your budget.


Owerri is a good city for leisure and relaxation. It is a place you won’t regret going for to be entertained and thrilled. The city has a considerable good road network. It is developed, and there is averagely good supply of electricity. However, it is in some way expensive.


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