On Errands: A Story of Nigeria’s Premier Errand Services Business


On Errands was founded in 2023 as a well-thought out plan of the founder, Chinweokwu Ukwueze. The business was established as a result of the gap identified in the aspect of few businesses running errands for a large Nigerian and African population. The number of businesses running the errands weren’t able to meet up to the number of errands to be run. In this post, we’ll tell you about On Errands: a story of Nigeria’s premier errand services business.

On Errands: A Story of Nigeria’s Premier Errand Services Business

On Errands was started in September 2023 as part of the plan of the founder to solve the unfilled gap in the errands services industry. There were a few companies running errands for the Nigerian and African population, especially those abroad. They weren’t enough in any way. This pushed the establishment of On Errands.

Procedures and Location of On Errands

The procedures of On Errands, or how to contact them for your errands services needs is by visiting their site: www.onerrands.com.ng, or sending them a mail to evuconnect@gmail.com, or hitting them direct on WhatsApp at 08143058610.

They offer different forms of errands services in any location in Nigeria, and some other African locations. You can request their services from abroad. They are trustworthy, fast, effective, and reliable.

On Errands main physical office is at Orba Road, Nsukka. However, they have offices in other locations in Nigeria.

What Services or Duties does On Errands Render?

On Errands is not like your regular errands services company. They offer a wide range of exceptional, unique, Bd good services. You should trust them with any of these services below:

1. Research, Writing, Editing, & Publishing

On Errands is your top destination for research, writing, editing, and publishing in Nigeria and Africa. It is the best place in Nigeria to have your research work done for you. They write, edit, and publish books, papers, plans, essays, and others very fast at a very cheap and yet professional rate.

You can just reach out to them, and trust them with your jobs.

2. House Search, Purchase & Sale; Land Sale & Purchase; House Cleaning, Repair, & Designing

Are you searching for house or land to rent or buy in Nigeria and Africa? Do you have land or house for sell? Is your house in need of cleaning, or repair, or designing? You don’t need to fret, On Errands is here to meet your services needs.

On Errands is your best destination in Nigeria for your house search, purchase and sale; land sale and purchase; house cleaning, repair, and designing. You’ll get these services at cheap rates on this platform. Their services are professional and top-notch.

3. Errand Services

On Errands runs the best errand services in Nigeria. They run a wide range of difficult and exceptional services like payment of bills, booking appointments and meetings, logistics, getting groceries, delivering parcels, money withdrawal and transfer, and so on.

We’ll reiterate that they are reliable, capable, and sincere. With On Errands, you are sure of full satisfactory service delivery.


Chinweokwu Ukwueze’s idea of On Errands is taking shape. He claims it will be a top choice errands service business by 2033, and we do look forward to that. Will it happen?

This is it on On Errands: a story of Nigeria’s premier errand services business.

On Errands Website: https://onerrands.com.ng

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