Interswitch adds Google Pay as its Payment Gateway App


Interswitch adds Google Pay as its payment gateway app on its platform. Interswitch recently stated in a public statement that it is adding Google Pay as its payment gateway in order to improve the reach and level of doing business in its platform. This gives Africa and Nigerian entrepreneurs and business people the leverage of accepting payment and business from any location in the world.

This doesn’t put limitations or restrictions to level at which people can do business online from Nigeria and Africa. Now, let’s get down to the details of this.

Interswitch adds Google Pay as its Payment Gateway App

On 11th September 2023, Interswitch, Africa’s leading integrated payments and digital commerce company, supports Google Pay on its Interswitch Payment Gateway (IPG) platform. This initiative enables businesses and individuals in Nigeria to benefit from the simplicity and security of contactless payments and digital storage, aligning with the global trend towards more streamlined transactions.

For further explanation, what this means is that merchants can now store payment details within Google Wallet. This integration facilitates a smoother checkout process on the Interswitch platform, heightening the user experience. Additionally, the collaboration enables the acceptance of international cards on the Interswitch Payment Gateway, positioning businesses to seamlessly cater to a broader international clientele.

Utilizing Google Pay on the Interswitch platform ensures safer transactions fortified by advanced security measures. This includes industry-standard tokenization where transactions utilize a virtual card number, adding an extra layer of protection against potential fraud. And in cases of misplaced devices, users can quickly safeguard their information using the “Find my device” function.

Muyiwa Asagba, Managing Director, Digital Commerce & Merchant Acquiring at Interswitch, said, “We are proud to align with Google Pay, as it exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge payment solutions that facilitate seamless transactions for businesses and their customers. By integrating Google Pay into our Payment Gateway, we are empowering businesses to harness the potential of a global customer base while ensuring secure and reliable payments.

“Google Pay provides a fast, easy, and safe way for users in more than 70 countries and territories to pay with their Android phone or Wear OS device,” said Jenny Cheng, Vice President and General Manager, Google Wallet. “Users can simply add their debit and credit cards to the Google Wallet app and feel confident that their financial information is safe and secure when they’re making a purchase or catching a train.

“As a technology-centric company, Interswitch continues to align with brands that hold shared values to drive the evolution of payments across Africa and beyond. The integration with Google Pay is a pivotal step towards transforming the online payment landscape, enabling businesses and consumers to thrive in an interconnected digital world.

“Businesses and consumers eager to experience the benefits of Google Pay on the Interswitch Payment Gateway can sign up on the Interswitch platform today.”


Interswitch adds Google Pay as its Payment Gateway App is a good one. It will improve the level of business and trade done by African and Nigerian merchants. It will also help out in a lot of other activities and processes for online merchants, making the act of trading and doing business generally easier and cheaper.


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