MTN 5G Router

MTN 5G Router was newly released to meet up to the expectations of people who would love using the 5G network. 5G network is just rolling out in Nigeria. It is available in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. It will be available in other places in Nigeria soon.

For the people who would love to use this router in their offices or home. Represented below are guidelines or characteristics of this router that will help you in decision making whether to buy it or not.

MTN 5G Router

This router goes for 50,000 naira or 50K now. This means it is not that affordable.

The power capacity is quite low. This means you have to keep charging it if it is in use. If it is not properly charged, it won’t let you work for a long time.

Since 5G is still rolling out in Nigeria, it is not as fast as you would expect. It is just a little bit faster than the 5G network.

Thus, we advise that it is best not to purchase and use this router at the moment. You can wait till the last quarter of next year to get the router. By that time, it will be cheaper, the network will be faster, and a better version of the router must have been released.


You can buy MTN 5G router from MTN offices, stores, and third-party retail stores nationwide.