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Soludo’s Government: Taxation or Excessive Taxation and what it tells for Anambra’s Economy



Soludo’s Government, in the recent times, temporarily banned betting, gambling, and casino businesses in the state. According to the statement released by the state government, it was done to deal with the issues of fraud leveled against these businesses. However, there are more to this than the reason given by the state government.

For one, the state government also needs to regularize the sector for effective taxation.

Soludo’s Government and Taxation

Ever since Soludo took over the reins of the government from Willie Obiano, he has been moving in the direction of setting up different sectors of the economy for effective taxation. He started with the different markets in the state. He removed the different leadership, and put in caretaker market leaders. These market leaders have been controlling the markets, and mapping them out for effective taxation.

A young trader at Wrapper and George/Textile Market, Headbridge, Onitsha otherwise known as Ukwu Abada confirmed this. He stated that “We were asked to register to the government by paying 2000 naira. Then, after the payment, we’ll be taxed. I hear mine is around 7000 naira.”

The taxation has not been formally introduced. At the moment, the traders only registered.
The different transportation vehicles are also to be taxed. Soludo’s Government announced to it to the transporters in the state. The government proposes 25000 naira monthly for buses, and 15000 naira monthly for Keke. This is as against spending 1500 naira daily for different undocumented taxes.

The transporters of the state aren’t buying the idea.

Furthermore, Soludo’s government seeks to tax undocumented sectors like unregistered businesses, and many others. In a bid to increase the revenue of the state, the government sent out messages to indigenes of the state to trying paying tax to their home state. However, this cannot be possible as it is where you do business that you pay tax.

What the Taxtation presents for the Economy?

The most prominent fact about this taxation and what it has for the Anambra economy is that the revenue of the state will increase to over 100%. Thus, there will be more money for the government to spend and carry out its infrastructural duties.

The citizens are to expect good infrastructural delivery in the urban and rural areas.

They are also expected to pay more taxes to the state government. All citizens are expected to pay taxes, including the market women who make daily earnings of around 1000. You either pay tax to the Local Government or to the State Government.


Soludo’s Government taxation policy is geared towards taxing the economy properly. Most undocumented taxes will be regularized. Anambra under Soludo will be strictly a tax economy with the state government using tax revenue to fund majority of its project.