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UAE bans Visa for Nigerians: The Cause and what it Means for Nigerians

UAE released a statement that UAE bans visa for Nigerians, including the ones that are being processed, with no refunds for the applicants for the visa. This means that if you applied for UAE visa before the banning, you won’t get the visa and you won’t get a refund. It also means that no Nigerian can travel to UAE till the visa ban is revoked.

What are the Causes of this UAE bans Visa for Nigerians?

The country’s authority didn’t release any reason what could be the cause. However, we have two theories as what must have led to the visa ban.

1. UAE conflict with the Nigerian Government

The county’s government has been at loggerheads with the Nigerian Government over some of its policies. Top of it is Nigeria’s foreign exchange policy that has affected some top UAE businesses in Nigeria and held UAE’s money in Nigeria.

2. Nigerians’ High Crime Rate in Dubai

Since the rise of Dubai as a top tourist destination, Nigerians have gone there in droves seeking wealth and better life. This also means that some Nigerians, who have little skill and funds, have also gone there. These ones resort to all manners of crime, putting Nigeria in bad light.

UAE earlier banned visa for young Nigerians due to the rise in the crime rate among Nigerians. Now, it has banned visa for everyone regardless of the age and class.

These are the two main theories to the reasons why Nigerians were banned.

What it Means for Nigerians?

This will affect Nigerians in various ways.

1. It will affect businessmen and women who go to source for their goods in Dubai.

2. It will affect Nigerians already staying and running things in Dubai. It means they can no longer come back to Nigeria. If they come back, no going back.

3. Nigerians with assets in Dubai are on the verge of losing or selling them. If it is not revoked, it will cost them a fortune as their assets would lose value.

4. The poor Nigerians staying in Dubai will find it difficult getting jobs or surviving especially if it has to do with the high crime rate among young Nigerians.

5. The Nigerian Government will be forced to meet the expectations of the UAE Government considering the pressure that will be mounted on them.


UAE bans visa for Nigerians can be a great source of worry, especially for those who are heavily connected to UAE to run their businesses. There is hope the visa ban will be revoked. The Federal Government should make a serious move to forestall the disaster about to hit Nigerians connected to UAE.